0845 or 0844 ?

  anchor 15:30 15 Jul 2006

The dial up ISP I use occasionally has recommended I change my dial up number from an 0845 number to an 0844 number.

Is the BT pricing structure the same for both?; (i.e. local rate, with a lower cost for evenings & weekends).

  Pine Man 15:50 15 Jul 2006

When I was with Tiscali they tried this one and assured me that the charges were the same BUT what they didn't tell me was that you could not have the 0844 number as part of BTs Friends & Family. I didn't change but now I have Broadband.

I don't know if the position is still the same with BT Friends & Family.

  961 17:51 15 Jul 2006

Ask your ISP for the rates as they vary between providers

They are usually similar to 0845 but do not need to be

Many ISP's are transferring because of new rules re revenue sharing

  anchor 08:35 16 Jul 2006

Thanks for your replies; I suspected there could be a difference.

However, the strange thing is that, using their suggested 0844 number, my log in was not recognised. I have reverted to the previous 0845 number I have always used and all is fine.

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