0844 numbers

  andy63walsh 11:09 10 Mar 2010

Any ideas, I feel a fool !
I have a 0844 number that links to my home phone and can't find out what company gave it to me. They play music for a few seconds on the phone when you call me and I have had PRS threatening me with action unless I take it of, but can't as I don't have details, ???

  Pine Man 11:15 10 Mar 2010

Surely you are paying someone for it?

  andy63walsh 11:18 10 Mar 2010

It is free to use it, so they don't contact me, there must be a way

  Technotiger 11:35 10 Mar 2010

Have you tried phoning BT to ask about removing it?

  Kevscar1 11:41 10 Mar 2010

Who are PRS and surely they don't have the right to dictate how you choose to operate your phone line.

  Woolwell 11:57 10 Mar 2010

PRS = Performing Rights Society who are becoming an aggressive pain over music being played by radio or anything which the public can hear. I can understand that they want musicians to have their royalties but they care causing upset.

  Woolwell 11:58 10 Mar 2010

care should read are

  andy63walsh 12:05 10 Mar 2010

I found them, panic over, thanks

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