Your outstanding moments in video games

  Inept Pig 14:17 28 Apr 2011

What would be your top moments? Not technologically, but in how they made you feel.

Things like the Omaha Beach level in Medal of Honor: Allied Assault; the first time you come across a Colossus in Shadow of the Colossus (and the ending of the same game); the twist in Bioshock (or System Shock 2 for that matter)

Call of Duty 4 had quite a few moments, including the one involving the nuke and aftermath; or take your pick from some of the 'jump' moments from the Resident Evil series.

Moments that made you stop in wonder, awe or shock at a delicious plot twist - what are yours?

  mrwoowoo 02:56 30 Apr 2011

Two moments that made me shout out loud and through my controller in the air. Resident evil, when the dogs came smashing through the window. And even scarier, Resident evil 2 when the licker came smashing through the two way mirror. The way it drew you in was superb, as you had to study the mirror for an item or clue. Total brilliance.

  mrwoowoo 02:59 30 Apr 2011

'through my controller' should be throw my controller. I must be tired. (O:!

  IClaudio 22:54 02 May 2011

Back in 1990-something, playing multiplayer Unreal Tournament in a bout with my then Boss... I managed to kill him (in-game, of course!) and stood over his body emptying my gun, we both had hysterics :0

  AllThumbs 10:11 03 May 2011

The only thing I really liked about Battlefield Bad Company2 was the quad bikes. Coming over a ridge in a quadbike and finding myself suddenly head to head, and then shooting along under the barrel of an enemy tank - that was pretty awesome and still gets a grin from me now. (of course I then crashed)

Unreal all the bots the gorgeous voice packs that were around then and just hearing this fantastic chatter as I played a custom map. "This is my boomstick!" Bugs Bunny, Buffy and Butters all in one game....heaven.

Though if you mean set peices...Call of Duty 4 (single player) had some nice ones, and getting off that sinking boat was pretty memorable.

  Colin 12:47 04 May 2011

Not a moment in gaming as such but I remember the first PC game I bought. It was the first Tomb Raider in 1996. It was an absolute sod to set up as it was DOS based and my PC was Windows 95. I couldn’t get the sound to work as I had to select a setting for a Roland, SoundBlaster, Ad Lib, (remember them?), soundcard and I didn’t have a clue. I can still recall the first time it worked and I got the Tomb Raider theme tune to play. I felt like I’d achieved a miracle. The music was and still is fantastic.

  Inept Pig 08:32 06 May 2011

That brings back some memories Colin, not all of them good, most of them tempered with a fair amount of frustration - but the sweet, sweet sucess of getting a game to work in the DOS days was indeed an achievement to be relished.

Gamers don't know how easy they have it these days, with patches and internet forums to aid them - it all used to be so much more of a random science.

  David Price 11:55 13 May 2011

mrwoowoo - I remember that moment in Resident Evil - I just knew something was going to come through the mirror, and it still scared the hell out of me when it did!

I'll always remember my first ever Mortal Kombat fatality: it was Scorpion's fire fatality in MK1, must be what, 18 years ago? And the ending of Secret of Mana, when the Mana Beast turned into snow and you went around visiting all your old friends and the sprite had to leave - let's just say it's making me feel emotional even now...

Gaming's brilliant for those memorable moments. Good topic, Inept Pig!

  AllThumbs 12:53 13 May 2011

Ok, now you have me, do you recall the delights of editing your config.sys and the other two files to squeeze that last drop of available memory from the boot sequence so you could actually load the darned game? I think it was moments like that that used to make me regret moving (Up?) from my faithful Amiga 500 to a pc.

  AllThumbs 20:19 17 May 2011

Actually, I was talking to a mate about Freespace 2 the other day and it reminded me of the first time I was in a big firefight both in that game and in X-Wing (the first of the lucas arts star wars space sims). The absolute feeling of being in amongst a 3d dog fight in space...dodging the lasers from the motherships (they weren't shooting at you, just each other) - fantastic stuff.

  Inept Pig 08:42 19 May 2011

Mortal Kombat was out whilst I was in high school, so it's gore and fatalities were highly appreciated at the time - however, this sums up my experience with fatalities - even when they were all printed out in gaming magazines my ham-fisted attempts often meant that the brutal finishers were beyond me.

As for tampering with Config.sys and the related joys; they really made you work to play games back then - on quite a few titles I used to settle for an eerie silence as configuring sound cards always seemed to cause me the most trouble... but that's fine, it's not like you're meant to be able to hear noises in space anyway...

I'd add the Beserker for Gears of War; which made for a tense passage of play as you tried to creep through, and the first appearance of the T-Rex in Tomb Raider. Oh, and the ending of Red Dead Redemption was pretty special.

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