xbox360 which one

  JPJBozo 16:22 07 Nov 2008

My daughter has announced, with a not unsubtle hint, that she would like an xbox 360 for Christmas. I have looked at the various ones available i.e. Arcade, 60Gb & Elite and as far as I can see there is very little difference between them. However I have decided to seek the views of the Games Gurus on this Forum. So is there anything drastically different between them as I believe I can get an Arcade from Sainsburys for £99, just std games bundle of course.

  dagnammit 19:08 07 Nov 2008

60GB offers the best value in the xbox lineup.

She will need a Hard Disk.

  donki 19:27 07 Nov 2008

Basically they are all the same gaming machine, there will be no gaming perfomance by getting the more exspensive one.

The Arcade is the bare bones, the console with a wired controller. If she wants to save and games or media to it you will need to buy the hard disk.

The Premiun comes with 60gb hard disk and wireless controller.

The Elite has a snazzy black finish and a bigger 120gb hard disk, again also with a wireless controller.

IMO The premium would be your best bet, unless you think she will make use of the extra HD space.

Anything else you need to know let us know.

  citadel 19:33 07 Nov 2008

I remember reading about an updated chip supposedly more efficient and quieter, don't know which ones have it, and then there was that thing with the red ring of death.

  dagnammit 19:48 07 Nov 2008

They moved to the smaller chips last year all new SKUs have them...

RROD (red ring of death) is not as big a problem but is still evident.

  JPJBozo 12:37 08 Nov 2008

Thanks all for quick responses, as I thought not a big difference as she only wants it for games. But will hang fire and have a look at this RROD, never any mention of this anywhere else I have looked. So thanks again.

  dagnammit 13:44 09 Nov 2008

Basically an overheating issue. Smaller chips, better motherboards and fans are reducing the frequency in which it occurs.

Besides M$ put, I think, a Billion Dollars into a fund to fix RROD problems.

1 year standard warranty.
Then 2 years of fixing the RROD for free should it happen.

  morgueman 16:07 10 Nov 2008

dagnammit, does the 60GB xbox not come with a hard drive, do you have to purchase that separately? Also saw an tv advert recently saying you can record films on the hard drive, that possible?

  JPJBozo 19:41 10 Nov 2008

OK dag. and others that seems to cover all the issues I can see with this. Thanks to you all

  citadel 17:46 18 Nov 2008

there is an article over at
"shocking problems that plague the xbox360" appears 30% of the first 16 million will have or soon will have fault.

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