XBox Controller for PC

  OTT_B 22:59 13 Mar 2010

I play MW2 on the PC a fair amount. Currently I use keyboard & mouse, but after having used a friends xbox to play, it seems that it supplies some assistance in aiming (presumably because the controller doesn't have the accuracy of a mouse?). This improved my game considerably!
Do PC Xbox style controllers do the same thing?

  gengiscant 10:44 14 Mar 2010

The xbox controller is exactly the same ,be it for xbox or PC.As for whether it does the same thing,I don't know because I just cannot use a gamepad. I am literally all fingers and thumbs. LOL.

  mrwoowoo 13:18 14 Mar 2010

I've finished MW2, but luckily still have it installed. I don't use my Xbox controller for FPS only driving and 3rd person action type games.
But, if you tell me what to look out for, i'll fire her up and let you know.
As gengiscant say's, it should ( fingers crossed) all be the same.

  OTT_B 16:20 14 Mar 2010

It's hard to explain. When your crosshair is very close to someone the system automatically 'locks on' for you, showing you where a target is, even when the person is hidden in the undergrowth. It's almost like having an aimbot.

  mrwoowoo 21:17 14 Mar 2010

Sorry for the false dawn, but my controller won't work with MW2. I think it's because i finished the game before i bought the controller.
From searching the net it does seem that there is no aim assist on the PC version using an Xbox 360 controller.
You could borrow your friends controller and give it a go.

  mrwoowoo 21:27 14 Mar 2010

I've just clicked as to why it doesn't work. It's not a "games for windows game". So Infinity Ward did not support the Xbox controller.

  beckham911 09:53 17 Mar 2010

I like these two gamepad

click here

click here

Any one can give me some suggestion?

  joannading 10:15 17 Mar 2010

I suggest you to buy the Genuine Xbox 360 Wireless Controller (Black).
This one uses optimized technology.It lets you enjoy a 30-foot range and up to 40 hours of life on two AA batteries—and when they run low, you're given ample warning so you can connect a Play & Charge cable for uninterrupted play.
anyway, both are ok for normal users.just personally prefer the black one with higher quality.

  jameanderson 17:52 15 Dec 2010

Definitely it really helps when you play game with controller and it gives you easiness

  iqs 17:56 15 Dec 2010

I have the wireless controller,I tried to use it WM2,but it wouldn't work,not sure if the game supports use of the controller.

Personally I only use the controller with games like Grid,Outrun.I prefer a keyboard and mouse for FPS.

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