Xbox 360 S finaly beats the PS3?

  darkreign 22:10 17 Oct 2011


I write this with trembling fingers as this is a virtual can of worms. I've been trawling the web to find an answer but all such posts are plagued (by biased opinions) and I'm left wondering still.

I'm going to try and keep this simple in a bid to make my decision. The Xbox 360S (the 320gb version) is to be released on 11/11/11 (I think)

1) Has the 'Ring of Death' issue been resolved making the current versions of the Xbox360 as reliable as the PS3?

2) I'm not concerned with a blu ray player and unlikely to do any online gaming. For pure adult (shooting/adventure) gaming (i.e no media/dvd watching etc) is the xbox360 the console of choice?

You need not answer question #2 if your answer to question #1 is no.

Thanks darkreign

  Menzie 11:44 19 Oct 2011

Although there was an issue with the 360 at launch chances are you can get one that gives no problems.

I myself own one of the old 20GB 360s which has not even frozen since I got it in 2007.

I have friends who have been through several 360s as well as PS3s.

The newer models are more reliable from what I have heard and far quieter. As with all electronics however they can still fail but I wouldn't lose any sleep over that aspect.

I think both the 360 and PS3 in their current forms will provide years of trouble free gaming easily.

To be honest with you at the moment the PS3 has more exclusives on the horizon than the 360 (especially if Kinect is of no interest to you) but the 360 still has quite a stunning back catalogue of exclusives to catch up on.

  darkreign 14:53 19 Oct 2011

Thanks Menzie

Kinect could be of interest to me as some family fun would be had. IT's intersting you say that there are more games for the PS3 then for the xbox360...this is something I'll definitely be taking into consideration. I do like my shooters and plan to play a lot more of them.


  Menzie 21:27 19 Oct 2011

One negative aspect of the PS3 however is the updates and patches process. For instance when you place a game in a 360 and launch it the 360 does a single update and away you go as they seem to just do it as a single file.

In the case of the PS3 however you can turn on some games that you haven't played in a while and you are then subjected to multiple patch/update downloads and installs.

For instance I remember going to my friend's when he had just purchased Gran Turismo. It took about 20 minutes or so before we could enjoy the game as it downloaded several patches and did some installing.

The PS3 once had far less games than the 360 as it had just launched but now multiformat releases are plenty and developers have adjusted to programming for it the PS3 versions are in my opinion just as good. The price is usually the same for all the games now too so the cost of producing Blu Ray discs have definitely come down.

You have the odd game that comes out better on either format (developers flip between the 360 and PS3 as the lead format all the time) but unless you're sitting there looking at textures through a magnifying glass and running some kind of framerate benchmark the difference is usually very hard to spot.

I'd say the best way for you to decide which one should be connected to you TV is to look at the list of exclusives for both machines and see which ones interest you the most. In the case of multiformat titles they are pretty much even and it all comes down to getting a feel for which controller you find the most comfortable to use as well.

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