Xbox 360 - 720p at 50Hz vs Optimal at 60Hz

  Anti_Virus 14:05 29 Oct 2008

Hi. I'm completely clued up with the HDTV world, and so am a bit of beginner. Basically, I have my Xbox 360 Elite hooked up to my 20" Sony KDL20S300 LCD TV via HDMI. In the settings menu on the 360 dashboard, I have a few options regarding which display settings to use. The options are 720p or optimal (I'm not considering 1080i, due to interlaced, although it is an option). The optimal setting changes the display to 1360x768, which as close to the TV's native display as possible (which is 1366x768). However, I am informed that my TV does not support 50Hz at that resolution. When I choose 720p, I can also select yes to being able to see the 50hz display. However, I am unsure of which to choose, and was wandering what the technical differences were, and what people how are more informed than me thought was the best answer.

I have noticed that when I watch DVD's in 720p mode, it changes to 50Hz. Obviously, in Optimal mode, it can't. So which should I choose? What are the advantages of 50Hz over 60Hz and so on? A quick google on "50hz vs 60hz display" shows that many people are one or the other, so I wasn't sure which to choose. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  Anti_Virus 16:03 29 Oct 2008

Sorry, but that first line is meeant to read "I'm NOT completely clued up with the HDTV world" as I'm sure you can work put anyway. Thought I'd just make it clear though. Sorry.

Any help would be appreciated.

  GRIDD 16:31 29 Oct 2008

Leave it on optimal. Most games are 60Hz but some are 50Hz..... let the console decide or leave it on 60Hz.

  Anti_Virus 16:37 29 Oct 2008

Hi GRIDD, thanks for the reply.

I was hoping someone could actually tell me the differences between the too as well. But it wasn't really the Gmaes I was worried about, because, like you said, a lot of them say 60Hz only anyway. But it was the films I was thinking about. When it's at 720p, whenever I watch a movie, DVD or downloaded, it switches to 50Hz. Why is that. Is 50Hz better for movies?

  GRIDD 22:54 29 Oct 2008

Slower frame rates. Games move quicker than movies.....

  Anti_Virus 13:41 30 Oct 2008

Thanks Beta, I read the article, but it still doesn't answer my question. Should I keep the settings at 1360x768, only operating at 60Hz, or change it to 720p, so it has the option of swithing to 50Hz during movies? I'm not entirely sure it is just SD movies like you said though, as when I downloaded a HD Movie freom XBL Marketplace, it still switches to 50Hz. Is it better to watch movies in 50Hz rather than 60Hz? Maybe I should just change between Optiaml and 720p when going to watch movies?

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