X Box One S game plays without Disk

  RobClw 14:01 13 Jun 2018

Hi Guys, New here and new to gaming. Have been reading up on playing games offline, digital downloaded and on Disk. Mostly what I am reading is that it is impossible to play Disk installed games online or offline without the disk in the XBox One. I have been trying this out and the Fifa 18 runs perfectly offline without the disk inserted. Obviously you lose online options but there is still plenty available offline, even the new Russia update works offline without disk. I do have the Xbox One S set to my home xbox and have even turned off internet in my house just in case it is picking up the wifi My Question is: Is this normal or will it stop working after a while if I go back online. Another Question for the experienced: Can you display the content from one XBox on 2 screens offline? for example using Fifa again , 4 people playing offline in the same match but watching the same thing on 2 screens. Each Screen displaying the same content, not running from one screen to the other. Look forward to all replies Rob

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