Ian in Northampton 17:08 11 Dec 2010

Hi everyone. I usually spend time on the PC forum. I'm a 100% gaming noob, so bear with me. Here's the question I posted over there.

Trying to decide for my son for Christmas between the new X-Box with 4GB and the one with 250GB. The difference in price is ~£50 or so, and we'd rather not spend that if we don't have to. On the other hand, is the 4GB one little more than a doorstop? What do you use the additional disk space for. Can he borrow games and load them on the hard drive? It seems like he could upgrade the 4GB to 250GB later if he needed to, for around the same £50. He 90% plays Call of Duty Modern Warfare on an older generation X-Box (not sure how much storage that had). Any advice much appreciated on the topic of buying an X-Box.

  gengiscant 19:15 11 Dec 2010

Close the other post ,it just confuses people.

  Ian in Northampton 19:31 11 Dec 2010

Roger that.

  rdave13 20:36 11 Dec 2010

I'd, also, be quite pleased to know of any replies from you gamers as I've already purchased the evil X-Box. Past gamer of PS1 and a bit of PS2.

  Jameslayer 23:50 11 Dec 2010

wasn't their another thread some-place else with more posts

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