X-box 360 internet connection problem

  bionicle 22:27 14 Apr 2011

My son just got an x-box 360 today for his birthday. I'm having problems connecting it via Wi-Fi. I'm with Sky using their supplied router and get a slow speed of around 2000kbps which means the x-box often fails to connect with the router and when it does connect the update download fails. My question is would buying a network adapter such as http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B002NPCDH8/ref=s9simhgwp63d0i2?pfrdm=A3P5ROKL5A1OLE&pfrds=center-2&pfrdr=1X1RPZD9P2XA6BPEP4RZ&pfrdt=101&pfrdp=467128533&pfrd_i=468294 solve the problem by providing a stronger broadband link? I don't really want to spend £40 on something that wont resolve the issue.

  Devil Fish 00:20 15 Apr 2011

i am assuming u already have a wireless adaptor for the xbox

a wireless N adaptor would only be of benefit if your router is wireless N compliant

i think the first things to look at are can you move the xbox or the router to create a better connection or can you hardwire IE run a cable to the xbox. A Wireless connection has so many variables and things that can and do interfere with it.

1st step would be as above if you can move xbox or router do so and experiment as to where the better connection comes from . If you can hardwire it doesnt come better than that

hope this is of some help

  bionicle 08:22 15 Apr 2011

Thanks Devil Fish. I'm just connecting the x-box as it was straight out of the box with no attachments. It does connect on occasion but I think the low broadband speed of around 2000kbps is the problem. I'm getting this speed on my PC which is wired in and I know from previous tests. I'm not able to move the x-box and wire it in.

So basically I know the settings are OK because it connects and starts an update but this then fails. So would plugging in a network adapter strengthen the connection?

  Inept Pig 09:15 15 Apr 2011

Do you have anything else that uses the wireless network? Or could it perhaps be an issue with the set-up? It's probably best to make sure that you're not needlessly spending cash before we start making recommendations for things for you to buy!

Also, have you checked the Sky guides for setting up your wireless network? There does seem to be a few posts on the internet about people having trouble with some of Sky's routers and the XBox.

As you're using it out of the box WiFi, I imagine it must be one of those fancy new slim 360s.

  mrwoowoo 15:04 16 Apr 2011

It has nothing to do with your bandwidth or lack of it. Infact it,s a problem that lots of 360 users are having, and can be caused by the xbox obtaining the same ip address as your PC. If you find that it does have the same ip address as yor pc, you will need to give the xbox it's own static ip address. Hope this helps.

  bionicle 15:33 16 Apr 2011

Thanks for your suggestions guys. I finally managed to get it done this afternoon. But am still struggling with buffering e.g. on sky player even at lowest setting. Does anyone know of a good service where an engineer can check out the wiring in the house as Sky say I should be getting faster speeds?

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