will a high end graphics card always work best on a low end (but up to date) system?

  theDarkness 16:45 07 Jan 2013

Is it possible that for a mediocre system, that someone might get BETTER performance out of a less fast equal memory gfx card, to a high end gfx card? If both cards were from the same well known high profile company, for a fair test. I will ignore the fact that you might get the same performance from the computer in terms of output using a lower end gfx card, and that buying a high end card could simply be a waste of money, since a poor processor can only handle so much of what the gfx card has to offer, lol. Its just out of interest. Do some high end cards have far better customization than others (just to confuse matters)? :)

Or will a high end graphics card almost always work best, regardless of the system its used with, and its merely a matter of the gfx card making sure its set to the best settings possible in order to gain the best performance. I am guessing that this is difficult to answer in too much detail if different brands of gfx and motherboard are used together, as some may perform better together than others, but if they were the same well known brand..

Thanks for any info

  Chronos the 2nd 17:03 07 Jan 2013

No high end GPU's are not always best. If you have a poor CPU then you will get what is called bottle-necking from your GPU as your CPU tries to keep up so to speak.

Most GPU's these days can be over-clocked but to be honest I have never seen the point as you really will not notice the difference in most games.

Not sure what you mean by customisation when you refer to graphics card.

On my last build I decided that I would try and build goodish gaming PC but to do this it is not just the graphics card (GTX 670) but CPU (I5 2500K) 8GB RAM and a Decent motherboard. So it really is several components being compatible with each other.Not just a case of bunging one decent component in an otherwise mediocre PC.

  theDarkness 17:17 07 Jan 2013

So how did you know which graphics card would best suit your cpu and board setup? Any tips - try before you buy isnt always possible ;) lol. By customization, I meant if there was any very basic options or programs upon installation of any card and its drivers in order to prevent bottlenecking-I assume not, ie theres no way to slow it down! thanks for the reply

  Chronos the 2nd 17:34 07 Jan 2013

The only way to prevent bottle-necking is to have a fairly decent CPU along with your high end GPU. Or you can turn down a games settings but that defeats the object of most games these days which are graphically very complex so to play a game as the developer intended you must have the necessary components. I also play on a U2711 monitor which has a resolution of 2560 x 1440 so again a decent GPU is needed to pump out the graphics at that sort of resolution.

How do I decide what to buy? I spend weeks researching each component and its compatibility with my other possible components. The mobo is reasonably easy, I then decided that the I5 2500K was the best gaming chip around, still is. and then it was what I could afford in regards to the GPU and whether to go for AMD or Nvidia. AMD were losing ground as far as graphic cards were concerned and I finally decided to buy the GTX680 until I was advised to hanf on a couple of months and wait on the GTX670 which was almost as fast as the 680 but a £100 cheaper. So the set up I have now can play anthing I throw at it at ultra high settings and I am getting around 60FPS which is not to be sneezed at.

  theDarkness 18:56 07 Jan 2013

sounds like a nice setup. thanks for the info!

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