Why won't games launch correctly?

  Alf0nz0z 20:25 21 Nov 2016

Hello Everyone! So bassically for the pas t couple months I've noticed that some games won't launch properly on my computer. The game starts up then just opens to a black screen where the audio from the menu is playing but I am unable to actually do anything. If I open task manger, shots of the menu appear momentarily but not for long enough to actually use them. This has occured with Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and also with Smite. Some games, like Civ 5, work totally fine. If anyone has any troubleshooting ideas that would be phenomenol. Video of problem Thanks in advacne everone!

  Forum Editor 12:39 22 Nov 2016

Moved to the Games Forum from Windows Help.

  Devil Fish 23:50 29 Nov 2016

System spec? operating system ram graphics card ram processor (cpu) need these before we can suggest anything

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