Why only the games forum?

  Rigga 22:31 17 Nov 2008

Why is it only the games forum that has advertising all over the top of the threads? i.e. the same content as "Topic Zones, Games" It makes the forum very difficult to use and view. :(

I mean if you want to make the forums more unattractive and harder to use, then why not do it for all forums not just the games forum. i.e. Topic Zone, Digital world in front of the digital world forum etc.

Just my two peneth, an unhappy R.

  lisa02 08:25 18 Nov 2008

I didn't know to scroll down and so yesterday didn't look in here at all. I thought it might have been in the process of going away again.

  AL47 11:53 18 Nov 2008

i have removed those ads, i dont mind the ones at the right side but the centred ones are just too annoying

  Si_L 14:15 18 Nov 2008

I thought when I opened the Games forum that I had landed in the Games topic zone. Even Ad=block doesn't pick them up.

They are annoying, but annoying adverts threads have popped up occasionally in Speakers Corner and we are always told the same thing - the adverts pay for the site. I'm ok with them being there if it means not having to pay to use it.

  Managing ed 15:10 18 Nov 2008

Adverts are there so we can keep the forum, and indeed the rest of the site, free for all.

As I'm sure you can imagine, maintaining a website with 300,000 members, more than a million users and up to four million page impressions each month doesn't come cheap. We do try to make sure ads are as unobtrusive as possible.

I'm honour-bound to point out that the content above games threads isn't actually advertising, but links to our most popular games downloads - all of which are free to play for an hour.


Matt Egan
Managing Editor

  Rigga 15:21 18 Nov 2008

I understand and appreciate that advertising pays for the site, and do try to click through some of the more unobtrusive ads you put on the site.

However, by placing the "non-Advertising" advertising in front of the games forum is very obtrusive, and makes using the forum very unfriendly, and much slower.

I have already taken a look at the Topic Zone games, and even tried a couple of them. However to have it shoved in front of me every time I view this forum and even in front of every thread is very disconcerting.

The very thing that makes this forum so refreshing is the clean simple layout of each forum and of each thread. By placing the Topic Zone - Games in front completely destroys this.

Plus you have not answered the original thread title. "Why only the games forum"? is it because you will lose readers if you put such obtrusive things in front of the more popular forums?

I guess I'll have to follow AL47 route, and block ScreenSeven.co.uk.

A disappointed R.

  Managing ed 15:33 18 Nov 2008

I'm sorry you're disappointed. In answer to your original point, we put the games there because it is content relevant to people interested in games. It absolutely isn't advertising! There's no sinister motive - we want the Games Forum to thrive as we want all the forums to thrive. It's why we're here.

Thanks for your comments, we really do take note, and we'll keep an eye on the Games Forum to see how things develop.


  Marko797 15:39 18 Nov 2008

thought the hyperlink had got muddled with Games topic zone, but after trying it twice, gave up thinking it was a PCA error. I then scrolled down on the 3rd attempt, to find the actual Games forum.

Must say it's very annoying, when the uppermost pictures are the same as Games Topic Zone. Why do we need it twice??

It's especially annoying if ur looking at several Games threads that you have to do so much scrolling. I'm using a laptop at the moment so the effect is possibly worse than on a large desktop monitor.

If we wanted links to the 1-hour games, we now know where to go and get them if we so wish. Don't need it in our faces on the forum however.

  Forum Editor 00:35 19 Nov 2008

we can't sit still with the same forum configuration, year in and year out. We need to try out changes in format and content, and obviously not all new ideas are an immediate hit.

Give us a chance if you can, we take your feedback seriously, and I assure you we watch the site statistics like hawks. If something has an adverse effect on forum popularity we'll know about it, and we'll react accordingly.

  wolfie3000 09:04 19 Nov 2008

I can appreciate the games being on top of the games section of the forum but i wonder why its only "cutsey" games that are listed.

I understand that as a family orientated forum you cannot have games like Grand theft auto or F.E.A.R.

But I find that most gamers including teen gamers prefer more action based games, especially the totally free ones.

There are alot of games that are both family friendly and will appeal more to gamers.

Heres a few suggestions.

click here
click here
click here
click here
Trackmania nations
click here

And the game im obsessed with at the moment,

Perfect world
click here

Im a level 37 Werebeast :)
click here

  Si_L 00:35 03 Dec 2008

The new version of Ad-Block sorts this out now.

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