Why aren't there more single player games?

  AllThumbs 10:41 22 Apr 2011

I am, by preference, a single player gamer, particularly when it comes to the rpg genre, and to a degree in shooters too (to me there's something about being an elf that requires me to game alone). Whilst I admit there are quite a few games out there with single player modes in them, more and more seem to cater primarily to multiplayer and have filler secondary parts with the single player in mind. This seems odd to me because if I were a sociable person desiring other peoples company then I'd not be spending my time alone in front of a computer. Playing alone suggests a certain desire to be unsociable - why then am I compelled to play in co operation (often with remarkably selfish strangers) in order to experience the gameworld.

I recall trying and enjoying the MMORPG called Conan. I liked it for the first 20 odd levels which were the single player game but though you could in theory play beyond that point alone but in the multiplayer world it was as though the difficulty level suddenly went off the rails, a few missions were ok but before long you were up against multiple hard enemies and would spend a lot of the time dead. I had similar experiences with Guild Wars, again a beautiful environment and fantasy world, spoiled by the need to buddy up with strangers who frequently played like the world was a shopping arcade (in other words ignoring the fantasy and wonder of it all in favour of a clinical approach to looting.)

Fallout 3 was a great single player game....played in the most depressing of environments. I want to explore wonderful environments alone - is this so hard to understand?!

  Colin 14:35 22 Apr 2011

I agree. I never play online. Tried it a few times and got the same experience as you did. Game reviewers seem to mainly to concentrate on mult eye player, (I thought it is pronounced multiplayer, but there you go), and skip over the single player side of the game. I see that the Crysis 2 demo is only multiplayer. I’m not sure if I will buy the game but being able to play a single player demo would help. I downloaded the single player demo of Bulletstorm and it made my mind up to buy the game. Maybe the statistics show that multiplayer is more popular?

  Graphicool1 15:50 22 Apr 2011

Most of the older games are/were single player. So much so that if you and a mate, or partner, or spouse wanted to play video games you would be very limited; even then you would mainly be playing against each other rather than co-op games. Then along came playing online and everthing changed, the multiplayer was born.

But even so there are still single person ~ off line ~ games, that don't become multiplayer until you take them online.

I too am by preference a single player. Although as far as onling gaming is concerned it is a whole different experience. When it's good, it's really good, when it's bad ~ ie the antics of the other players ~ I have to stop playing online for a few days, or until it becomes less of an issue.

Personally I don't and never have played either off or online on the PC. I work on the PC and do my gaming on an xBox 360 on the TV.

I find the best online gaming experience depends on what days and the time of day you play. Because it's mainly the kids and younger adults that are the spoilers. You have to choose to play at such time that you think they won't, or are less likely to be playing. Like Saturday and Sunday morning, when they're still in bed. Most school term weekdays during in the day, when they are still at school, or later at night when they've gone to bed.

  wolfie3000 18:40 22 Apr 2011

There are still alot of good single player games being released, take Portal2, I just got it myself and the single player game is awesome.

  Kevscar1 06:35 25 Apr 2011

Dragon Age 2 is out. Witcher 2 released next month. I found both of the originals to be very good single player games.

  AllThumbs 13:10 25 Apr 2011

I'm part way through playing DA Origins and part way through DA 2 and I like both games (though I'm seriously peeved about a great deal of laziness in DA2 which I'll go into on another thread). To be honest I couldn't get into the first Witcher and will probably skip the second one.

As an aside I will state that the oddest fun purely single player game I've played recently was King's Bounty - Armored Princess which seems to be part My Little Pony, part RPG, turn based strategy and I'm not sure what else. Oh yeah, it's fun.

I'm not in fact saying that there are no single player games out there so much as that the game market slants drastically in the direction of multiplayer games. When a game comes out with a choice of single player or multiplayer gameplay it is as though the single player side of the game plays as an afterthought and it suffers balance issues because of it.

Perhaps it all boils down to the whole society as a social network. Facebook, twitter and all the other techno gathering places make it clear that gregariousness is valued, whereas the negative slant given to solitary, be it confinement or as a person lets us know just how little that approach is valued.

I guess I'll just wait for the next Elder Scrolls Skyrim and hope to wander through a glourious landscape in my own company.

  Inept Pig 18:23 26 Apr 2011

You won't want to read this then...

I agree that mutliplayer has moved on since being a mere addition to games and has developed into the focal point for quite a few big titles that now seem to have a single player story arc tacked on for the remaining few of us that like to keep things offline.

As long as the odd epic title like Fallout 3 comes out I'll stay content; when they start suggesting that I should 'buddy up' for my journey through desolate wastelands a part of me will quietly die...

Rockstar are still quite good at single player stories though, GTA may have not been everyone's thing but Red Dead Redemption was wonderful as a SP and if you never played MP you'd not be missing out on much, and there's always the life destroying Civilization series...

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