Which gaming pc is better?

  Burty 19:51 19 Aug 2019

Hi I'm looking for a gaming pc for my 14yr old, needs to be able basic video editing, web design, and of course play fortnite & minecraft with no lag. He's not up for building one and doesn't want top of the range. Your thoughts on these two would be great. click here budget for the tower is £750 max. Hope you can help!!



  wee eddie 20:15 19 Aug 2019

I would not like to dis PC World but, when it comes to Gaming, their stuff is old hat, as would be any other High Street Retailer.

There are Companies that build Gaming Computers for a living. You will get a faster computer, for less, from them.

  mrgrumpy 12:58 22 Aug 2019

eddie is right go for a custom builder you can more for your money because their is no middle man so they can afford to work on tighter profit margins.

Go on to the websites of the games you want to use to see what the minimum and maximum component specs are.

  peter11 08:41 23 Aug 2019

For video editing stuff, Macbooks works just great but for Gaming, they are not the best choice. Get a Windows Laptop with a i5 or i7 Processor. Also take care of the Graphics Card. It is neccessary for your need.

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