Which games pc?

  kent85 22:45 23 Jun 2008


I'm looking to purchase a pc for gaming, i need it to be able to play all the latest fps games online with no problems.

I have no knowledge of pc's so building one myself is not going to happen.

I would be very grateful to anyone who can advice on which games pc's are the best on the market. Im looking at a budget of around £800 but will stretch if anyone thinks a bit more money would make a good difference in quality.

Thanks for your time

  mrwoowoo 22:48 23 Jun 2008

Will you require a monitor as well?

  kent85 08:56 24 Jun 2008

Yes i would be looking to get a monitor within the budget, hopefully a 22".

  kalignorgna 09:47 24 Jun 2008

CPU E6660 (about 3.16GHz)
HDD 200-300GB
memory DDR2 2GB
grathics card 512MB Nevida Geforce 8600GT

with these specks you sould be able to play most new games and a standed network adapter will allow you to play online games a desent speed as long as you have a half desent internet conection

  Lukaduke 14:27 08 Jul 2008

I'd reccomend a Mesh Athalon with xp for gaming...it runs all my ga,es

  mrwoowoo 17:25 08 Jul 2008

This will do,although it's a shame you can't up your budget for the one next to it.
The 8800gt is a far better card than the 8600gt although it will play most games around medium settings.
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click here
If you go for a 20" instead of a 22" monitor from Nova tech,it will save you over £60.00.

  mrwoowoo 17:30 08 Jul 2008

You could have 2x 1GB 8600gt's in sli mode and a 20" monitor for £820.00.
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  Lukaduke 09:52 03 Nov 2008

Maybe a vista XPS with top of the range graphics cards

  Si_L 10:35 03 Nov 2008

I would recommend for a 22", a Samsung SM 2232BW.

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  Mr Mistoffelees 17:22 03 Nov 2008

Si_L's recommendation is a very good one. I have had the same monitor for around 6 months now and it is superb, very good for gaming with it's 2ms response time (grey to grey).

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