Which is best website for PCs

  Jayne123 17:46 30 Nov 2016

Can anyone recommend a reputable website company for a gaming pc please. Budget £300-£500. Has anone used Console Killer?

  iscanut 20:06 30 Nov 2016

I think your budget is far too low for a gaming machine !

  Archonar 20:32 30 Nov 2016

As far as I am aware consolekiller is a reputable site, it has a good trustpilot rating which is an encouraging sign.

As for the above post it depends on what you want out of your pc. That budget won't buy you something that will run the latest games on ultra or even high graphics but it will get you something that will play them. Possibly something to keep in mind just in case you think about saving a little longer to get a better pc that will give you better performance.

  Jayne123 00:53 01 Dec 2016

My son has a basic pc but would like a gaming pc. He plays a lot of Minecraft and other games. He does normal everyday things and says his pc is very slow and laggy. I've been told he needs at least 8gb of ram,a fast processor and good graphics card. I have no idea what to look for and have a budget of up to £500.He also wants to record/stream. Don't need monitor just tower. Is Amazon/Ebay a good place to buy?.I would be grateful if you could point me in the right direction. Thanks

  martd7 11:14 01 Dec 2016

Look here,slightly above budget but a good pc

click here

  Jayne123 08:50 06 Dec 2016

£500-£600 . Looking to play / record / stream Minecraft. Also download games from Steam. Looking at Chillblast Fusion mumbo but now found out its not powerful enough to stream. Also people have said AMD are rubbish for streaming? So confused and getting desperate now.

  Jollyjohn 11:11 06 Dec 2016

Did you get anywhere with my reply to your other post on this matter?

Streaming will not only require a good PC but a good internet connection.

  Archonar 14:03 06 Dec 2016

'Powerful enough to stream' is quite hard to define. A less powerful pc will be able to stream but the quality won't be very good, but people who stream regularly will have a separate gaming and streaming pc. For that budget you probably won't get a pc that will stream the best quality.

As jollyjohn says you also need a good internet connection, so if you don't have that you can have as powerful a pc as you like it still won't stream well.

It's hard to just recommend a pc for you, there are probably hundreds out there that will play games and stream just fine. As I said have a look on console killers, amazon etc, post some links here and we can let you know what we think.

  Jollyjohn 15:38 07 Dec 2016

You could buy a copy of MicroMart click here available every Thursday from most supermarkets and good newsagents. Several adverts for companies usually in each edition.

  sljary 12:00 13 Dec 2016

MicroMart has closed, Jollyjohn.

Try our roundup: Best gaming PCs.

  Burn-it 15:46 13 Dec 2016

Have you checked his PC for malware? That could be the reason it is slow and laggy.

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