What's ur top 3 games??

  Marko797 17:26 11 Jun 2008

Just thought I'd start off a new thread and get ppl to let us all know what (in their humble opinions) are best games.

On older games I would say:

Project IGI - yes the one with 'no save'
Deus Ex - both 1 & 2

Newer games:

MOH series
Halflife 2 and its Episodes

  AndySD 12:09 19 Jul 2008

Well my three are...


Two Worlds


  White_Elephant 01:03 18 Jul 2008

AOE - conquerors
Battlefield 1942
Red Orchestra - Ostfront

  handful 17:00 17 Jul 2008

Game favorites would for me would be
Toejam and Earl on the megadrive (whoever wrote this game was on drugs but I loved it)
Tomb Raider (the first was amazing at the time)
Dungeon Keeper, (I'm amazed nobody has mentioned this one....all time classic for me, great soundtrack)

More recent games (just)
Soldier of Fortune

  nosharpe 20:35 16 Jul 2008

The original Warcraft released in '94 and Syndicate 93/94 as well as Capitalism 2 (1997) were my first games played on a DX2 66. Think I had 4mb RAM. Gfx cards weren't invented yet. Think I had a Pentium 166 by 1997.

More recent releases I enjoyed would be
Age of Empires series
Industry Tycoon 2

  harps1h 11:27 16 Jul 2008

would like to add a further game from my previus post. it is trackmania nations forever. it is free and very addictive! go to click here you will need to take the steam download first then the game

  kalignorgna 15:49 14 Jul 2008

true it has taken a long long time to get this far but i think thats because the designers know its a good game (well they are qiut full of it to make us wait this long any way), Duke Nukeums always been a fun game though so i hope its gana live up to its predisersors ps sos for the late responce been bissy

  mrwoowoo 16:34 11 Jul 2008

"2 Duke Nukeum (all including the new one that ant even out yet)" [sic]
Ah,an eternal optimist.
It's taken them about 11 years to produce a short trailer.At this rate i'll be picking up my pension before it's released,and by then i won't even care.

  kalignorgna 08:33 11 Jul 2008

Coltch your revering to games on both systems are you not. yes I know exactley what you meen pc versions allways work better then the console version.

1 Age of conan HA (now Adicted to it)
2 Duke Nukeum (all including the new one that ant even out yet)
3 Forgoten Realms Icewind dale 2 (RPG)

  Coltch 08:00 11 Jul 2008

I've been gaming since the early eighties so have fond memories of both the 8-bit and 16-bit eras.

Some of the best games produced were for the C64/Spectrum/Amiga/ST (not forgetting Elite on the BBC!).

Although I have a fairly powerful system, alot of the time it's running CCS64 or WinUAE plus DOSBox for some of those PC games that refuse to run in XP/Vista.

There are some very good games out at the moment, but (and I'm going to get lynched for this) they seem to be dumbed down for the console junkies.

  Inept Pig 17:56 10 Jul 2008

Likewise, at 26, it's been a life-time of dedicated gaming... Not sure all games were great back then (Rise of the Robots springs up first, followed by a horde of other badly conceived ventures), but there did seem to be much more variety than we currently have.

But then, rose-tinted spectacles - you just don't realise how good you have it! Put aside the graphics and still games like Battlefield 1942 allow you the kind of freedom to do what you want that games of yore could only dream about. Sure, we all bemoan the death of the original game concepts that were so abundant back then, but... just HOW many shoot-em ups were there?

Did my research - Syndicate (click here) 1993, Sensible World of Soccer (click here) 1994 - so a close call, but in among that great gaming period that also saw the likes of The Chaos Engine released.

Still love older games, have just recently tempered this with the fact that my memory has given the past a much nicer perspective than it should have - perhaps to do with all the free time I had back in the days of my youth.

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