What's ur top 3 games??

  Marko797 17:26 11 Jun 2008

Just thought I'd start off a new thread and get ppl to let us all know what (in their humble opinions) are best games.

On older games I would say:

Project IGI - yes the one with 'no save'
Deus Ex - both 1 & 2

Newer games:

MOH series
Halflife 2 and its Episodes

  crosstrainer 17:32 11 Jun 2008

1 Original Doom...Yep I was there when networks all over the place crashed or were slowed to a crawl by the most innovative game we had ever seen (look at it now!)

2 Max Payne 1 and 2 (Shame no 3)

3 FEAR and Crysis (can't separate them yet, but both have sequels soon)

  Earthsea 17:36 11 Jun 2008

In no particular order:

Civilization on the Amiga is the most addictive game I've ever played. I would often have 'just one more go' into the early hours of the morning.

Unreal was the first game I played on a PC and it blew my socks off. I'd been used to the aforementioned Amiga games before that.

Half-Life 2 was the first game I played on my laptop and had a similar effect on me to Unreal.

  Marko797 17:38 11 Jun 2008

played Doom, it was before the time I was playing games. I was a staunch 'I'll never have a game on my PC' chap at the time. How things change.

I vaguely remember playing Max Payne 1 but don't think I actually finished it. Novel idea at the time was the bullet slo-mo I seem to recall which has been replicated in quite a few other games?

Def with you on your third selection.

BUT, I have committed a cardinal sin - forgot Far Cry!!

  mrwoowoo 17:41 11 Jun 2008

very old games

Resident evil
Max payne

Old games

Far cry
Doom 3

New games

If you are struggling,here are the top pc games of all time.Not that i agree with it though.
click here

  crosstrainer 17:42 11 Jun 2008

Thing about Doom was, we had NEVER seen anything like it....everyone was rushing around to upgrade to the required 8mb (yep that's 8mb) of ram, and a 1mb graphics card to run it.

A DX cpu was also needed (maths co-processor) Much money was spent....I built a DX4 100 (100mhz!) machine with a Cirus Logic graphics card (Old EISA interface)

Oh dear, fear I'm really showing my age now.

That game started it all!

  mrwoowoo 17:43 11 Jun 2008

Argh..Forgor Half life 2 and it's episodes.
Top all time games.

  Marko797 17:44 11 Jun 2008

that takes me back.

With u Earthsea on the 3rd choice, and I also liked ur 2nd. Memory deserted me again.

Didn't go much for the Unreal Tournament ones though, they were a bit too fast and furious for me, a bit like Quake. To play them well, I think u had to be on average aged 10-15 with all the mental and finger agility which they have. I'm way past it!

  crosstrainer 17:51 11 Jun 2008

Oops, forgot Quake, can we have a top five?

  Marko797 17:56 11 Jun 2008

top 3 only

Here's another link to the Top 100 PC Games, which might be different to the one posed by mr woowoo. U can scroll down on this one though.

click here

  Earthsea 17:58 11 Jun 2008

The trouble with a thread like this is as soon as you post you suddenly remember other brilliant games you've played! I'll stick with my 3 though, but I am playing Tomb Raider Legend at the moment, which is rather brilliant.

I'm fighting the water monster on the England level but haven't sussed it yet. (Don't tell me!)

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