What's next for xbox?

  belfman 21:23 11 Jun 2008

Now 3 and a bit years into the 360's life what will the "xbox 720" have? I'm sure it's in development....

I am hedgng my bets on more power under the hood built in wifi and blu-ray. And a team for the sole purpose of improving reliabilty over the 360's - though the motherboard revisions and such in the 360 makes it very solid now.

I can't see them doing anything else except maybe 'motion sensing' in the controllers but I am NOT interested in that. Nintendo cornered that market and Sony made a pigs ear of it.

Part from the above the xbox has way more going for it than it's competitors.

  Si_L 06:32 12 Jun 2008

An x-box that doesn't constantly break.

Google red-ring of death!

  crosstrainer 08:15 12 Jun 2008

Have toyed with the idea of buying a console for a while now.

It would take full advantage of my HD 42" TV and Pioneer cinema sound.

I know next to nothing about them, and the drawbacks seem to be:

I would have to get to grips with a controller (something I have struggled with in the past)

I would be buying console versions of games that I might prefer to play on my high end gaming rigs.

What do you think would be my best option?

  belfman 10:14 12 Jun 2008

I did say improve reliabilty.

  belfman 10:26 12 Jun 2008


I based my console selection on what most of my friends have. Both the 360 and PS3 can do 1080p so would take advantange of the screen.

The 360 starts at £149 for arcade (though I'd suggest at least a premium £189) so it's not too bad for dipping your feet in the console waters.

Buying games for both PC and console... you have a real tough choice. I'd stick to buying console only games and get your cross platform games for PC.

  belfman 10:27 12 Jun 2008


You'd need to check the back of the 360 for an HDMI port older versions don't have it but ones with new motherboards do.

  crosstrainer 11:01 12 Jun 2008

Thanks for that, may have a look soon...Cross platform games? Do you mean that some DVD based PC games will also run on a console without having to buy a different copy?

Now that would be of use!

  belfman 11:10 12 Jun 2008

no, no

I mean games available for both, like COD4.

  crosstrainer 14:30 12 Jun 2008

Yep, thought it was too good to be true! two game collections then :) Thing is I have shelves full of PC games already :)

  Armchair 12:25 15 Jun 2008

crosstrainer. I can't stand using the 360's gamepad for FPS games, so I don't bother with them. It's best at driving and 3rd person games, imo.

  belfman 12:33 15 Jun 2008

It's not that hard to get used to - I find the 360's controller the easiest & most confortable to use. I heard a rumour that ps3 is meant to be getting a better designed controller soon.

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