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Whats the biggest game in memory size you got.

  mrgrumpy 13:08 22 Oct 2019

What is the biggest game your using or have used.

Mine is grand theft auto v.

Last time I checked it was 75gb but today I got the new installer for it and it is now 86gb.

One strange thing I noticed , in add/remove since getting the new installer their are 2 entries for it in add/remove , 75gb and 86gb.

I know this double entry is wrong because I keep a regular track on hard drive space and it has only gone down 1gb since doing the new installer download.

Just in case I screw something up I am not going to delete either of the 2 entries in add/remove.

  QuizMan 17:32 26 Oct 2019

Train Simulator

  Old Deuteronomy 11:01 27 Oct 2019

World of Warcraft, including Classic, 69.3GB and Elder Scrolls Online 80.7GB. No other fat games. I read recently of one upcoming new game, for which the publishers suggest at least 150GB including space for DLCs.

  Forum Editor 12:41 27 Oct 2019

My son's answer is:- Call of Duty Infinite Warfare - around 130 Gb.

  Menzie 14:17 27 Oct 2019

Unfortunately game installers over the years have changed for the worse compared to how they were in the beginning.

In the past they would ask you what language you wanted to install, if you wanted high resolution textures or not, if you wanted stereo or surround sound.

Before that they asked if you wanted a full or partial installation with a partial installation leaving most of the data on the CD-ROM.

Nowadays they just install and many games come with 4K textures, uncompressed audio, the languages for the regions the game sells in (including alternate audio), the multiplayer side of the game.

For me personally I would like to be able to install just the single player portion, stereo sound in English and just the textures required for 1080p which is the resolution my monitors are.

  mrgrumpy 15:07 27 Oct 2019

Hi menzie some games installers are a nightmare , take lord of the rings online and dungeons and dragons online , they are massive and unlike some large games or a steam client game they don't have a pause download icon for your desktop so with the 2 that I mentioned I had to leave my pc on overnight to do a complete install.

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