what’s the best gaming laptop

  DiMeo 17:22 24 Oct 2017

I was wondering what’s the best gaming laptop in terms of being portable? Most of them are just too bulky for bringing around often. I checked out some Asus gaming models and am still on the fence.

  Menzie 17:10 28 Dec 2017

Most gaming laptops are going to be quite bulky because:

1) Gamers want a bigger screen than a 13" one.

2) The high performance parts release a lot of heat and need space to cool.

Asus make some good laptops, I've also heard good things about the Acer Predators.

  Govan1x 20:46 28 Dec 2017

Try Google.

  Forum Editor 22:49 03 Jan 2018
  RufinaTangert 07:41 05 Feb 2018

There are many laptops that are good for gaming but I can suggest you according to your budget and specifications required for your gaming. There are many good laptops at inexpensive prices i.e.

  • Lenovo Legion Y520
  • Dell Inspiron 7000
  • ROG Strix

For more suggestions: Best Gaming Laptops at inexpensive rates I hope, it will be useful for you.

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