What is your favorite gaming system ever?

  pcdaley21 16:52 12 Oct 2008

I understand this is pcadvisor.com but had a recent debate over which gaming system was the best?

I am a bit of a collector when it come to gaming and own nearly every console.

I play my Dreamcast more than 360, ps3 and wii

What was and still is your favorite gaming system?

  Arthur Scrimshaw 19:17 12 Oct 2008

has to be the ps2

  190119 23:39 12 Oct 2008

Nintendo 64, no loading times and some great games.

  Si_L 00:06 13 Oct 2008

with Arthur

  mrwoowoo 00:38 13 Oct 2008

PS1 for me.
Crash bandicoot was sooo adictive.The graphics for the time were unbelievable as well.Great fun.

  Coltch 08:16 13 Oct 2008

My favorite gaming system has to be the Commodore 64, the only console I owned was a SNES (Mario Kart is still a great game!), spent far too mauch time on the C64.

  GRIDD 08:26 13 Oct 2008

£3.49 on the PSN store for Crash Bandicoot, to play on your PS3, it's great. ;)

My favourite console was the Sega Master System II. I had Sonic the Hedgehog built in and I also played Ninja Gaiden, Putt and Putter, Mortal Kombat and Mickey Mouse's Castle of Illusion.... ohh and Alex the Kid but that was built in to my friend's console.

  cluckinbell 11:21 13 Oct 2008

Mainly because me and my housemates wasted days playing Gran Turismo on it at university, happy days.

  User-1300263 20:58 13 Oct 2008

the dragon 32 was good in its day probley the best at it's time i used to love mine

  dwaynedibbly 23:09 13 Oct 2008

PS1, some good games on it, and it pushed forward the barriers of not only console gaming, but PC gaming as well.

Never really got into Nintendo side of things, although the Wii (my nephews got one) is brilliant. If they bring out the HD version of it, it could leave everything else standing from an entertainment value perspective.

Currently got a PS3. The graphics are amazing (MGS4, GTAIV etc etc) and the gameplay is good. But its always the earlier games people think back to, as these were the ones that set the standard.

  wolfie3000 03:27 14 Oct 2008

Commodores CD32 for me was the best system, the games were awesome, after that i would say the PS1,

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