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What type of pc's do games writers use

  mrgrumpy 17:45 07 Jan 2020

This may be an odd question to ask but consider this , my custom built rig cost £3k just over 3 and a half yrs ago , it has I7 6800k running at 3.4 ghz and a gtx 1080 that had only just come out at the time. I have 16gb ram and 2 ssd plus about 9 fans on different items , no i am not bragging just saying .

At the moment their are a lot of new stuff on steam that users are reporting 100% cpu usage and my point is , a lot of users have even better set ups than me. One game i must not mention had my rig throwing out excess heat even when i was just using it for the first time , i was not even playing the game all i was doing was setting up the keys.

Another game i must not mention has had users reporting similar problems to 100% usage since it was released 4 years ago and all the devs say is turn down setting . 100% on a menu page ? Did they turn things down as they were testing it.

It seems strange that some players with lower spec pc than mine say "no problems " , i think they might not be telling the truth because as I say some users with better set ups than mine DO say they have a problem with a certain something.

Older games also throw up some oddities because I have been using some older games on windows 10 without a problem yet I see others say they wont work.

If you complain to a manufacturer the stock answers are , turn things down , send a dxlog and update drivers.

So , come clean guys if you are a game dev or writer say what gear you wrote your game on and did you get the same problems your customers are experiencing.

Steam has a good refund policy but rumour has it if you request too many refunds they will eventually refuse you.

  Menzie 22:42 07 Jan 2020

Your system is nowhere near what a developer can configure. None of the standard consumer systems are not.

Many of the systems made for 3D graphic design feature CPUs with 12+ cores and Quadro video cards with more than 20GB of RAM.

Systems such as this one:

click here are also supercomputers which are my h more expensive than the one I have linked.


  mrgrumpy 23:00 07 Jan 2020

That sucks ! It seems like the industry is not playing fair with the customers. I read about a guy called 8 pack who makes pc's for £32k , I have seen them , in an interview he actually said his projects are basically 2 pc's in one case each helping the other to get the end result. It had 4 graphics cards and when the video was made it did not even have the best cards you could buy.

On a more sensible note I got one of those noctua fans shown in the article. If my pc did not have lights you would not know it was turned on shhhhh !.

  Menzie 23:53 07 Jan 2020

Computers have come a long way in power and rendering performance. My first computer for my graphics hobby was a Commodore Amiga 1200. I upgraded the CPU on that and the RAM to a massive 10MB (up from 2MB).

Even then doing 3D renders in Lightwave would take 45 mins to over an hour (still image). Doing an animation meant leaving the computer on overnight!

  Old Deuteronomy 11:28 08 Jan 2020

That sucks ! It seems like the industry is not playing fair with the customers.

Not really, development is far more computationally demanding than playing a finished game.

I read about a guy called 8 pack who makes pc's for £32k

Grossly over-priced, high profit machines for wealthy gamers who want to be able to boast they have the best. A nice money maker for Scan, irrelevant for most people.

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