What Makes My Computer Weak And How To Improve It?

  Yano729 20:22 28 Dec 2016

So I Bought this laptop about 3 years ago, and i thought that it's specs would be able to hold on to games for a couple of years, but it seems unable to run games like Overwatch (my current most played game) on a stable 60 fps on playable graphics, even though it seems to have good componements for games...

My laptop's model is Lenovo IdeaPad z710 17.3" inch


Nvidia geforce gt 740m

Intel(R) Core(tm) i7-4700MQ CPU @ 2.40GHz


1600x900, 60Hz

My question is, what is the weakest part of it that makes it unable to run nowadays games, and is there a possibility to improve it (even by replacing componements), and how?

thanks ahead.

  wee eddie 21:19 28 Dec 2016

Most everything in a Laptop is hard wired to the MOBO, which means that the only things one can change are the RAM and the Hard Drive. 8GB should be quite sufficient.

You are left with the only option of reducing whatever you have running in the background.

  Yano729 23:49 28 Dec 2016

most of the time i close everything in the background...

  Burn-it 00:20 29 Dec 2016

Have you checked it for viruses and malware?? Also as said above, there may be lots of stuff running that is not relevant; that doesn't mean removing a real time virus checker though -= there may be a goo one that uses few resources.

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