What is the greatest graphics card?

  matrixneo 03:00 25 Feb 2017

For under $50?

  Archonar 11:00 25 Feb 2017

What are you looking to do with it? Under $50 you will struggle for something with good performance

  wee eddie 19:23 26 Feb 2017

Surely you mean "Under $500"

  Ron_z 08:59 02 Mar 2017

Palit GeForce GTX 1070 Dual - and its only £403.23, epic deal great for gaming, just ask for the website if your interested :)

  Menzie 11:46 02 Mar 2017

For £50 the cards are "greatest" at a particular thing. One may be better at driving multiple displays, one may have passive cooling and be best for a quiet home theatre system and one may be clocked higher and better for gaming and be fan cooled.

It strongly depends what you want the card to do in this price range.

  wee eddie 18:02 02 Mar 2017

To be honest, a $50 Graphics Card is unlikely to be much of an advance on the last couple of years On-board Graphics.

As you have priced in $'s assume you are in the States where the Market may be different but a Pre-used one might be worth the risk.

If you were to tell us a little more about your PC, we might be able to help you more

  Ryan Stevens 09:35 30 Mar 2017

For my opinion, its Nvidia Geforce GTX 1080 is the best graphic card. What do you guys say about GTX 1080?

  Georgforthree 12:20 07 Apr 2017

There are no great graphic cards under 50 :) if add 0 and a little you can own GTX1080, it's awesome :) built-in thoughts

  johnmilner921 07:34 01 Jul 2017

As per my knowledge Nvdia is the best graphic card for gaming and when it comes to video play back then also it works great but i have not ever done video editing.

  Blazing_Boy 01:51 04 Jul 2017

I do not think that you can get anything great from a GPU for under 50 dollars. Better to raise your bet and get a better one.

  MLA2000 00:48 05 Jul 2017

Used cards sub £60 on ebay in order of performance:

AMD/ATI Radeon HD 6870 AMD/ATI Radeon 5850 Nvidia GTX470 & GTX570 AMD Radeon 6770 AMD/ATI Radeon HD 5670 (Still OK, but avoid on Windows 10. Good for low power use.) AMD/ATI Radeon HD 4890 (last resort)

None of these cards are going to be any match for a GTX 1080ti, but they are MUCH better than new cards at the same price (IE the GT710 and R5 240, which are utterly useless). Just watch out for the power use on these cards (They will also run much hotter)

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