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What game are you currently playing right now?

  smith524653 23:50 06 Jan 2020

I am currently video game right now is pokemon x game here and This is my favourite game.


What game are you currently playing right now?

  kerllyButler 07:22 05 Mar 2020

Counter Strike

  johnrayan 14:39 12 Mar 2020

I forgot about my Witcher games, so I started to play it agai

  keto359 13:52 14 Mar 2020

8 ball pool

  Sutimeister 18:15 17 Mar 2020

The last Call of Duty

  TJY 20:24 20 Mar 2020

Dota 2

  Shauntait 10:50 28 Mar 2020

CS 1.6 and Pubg any time. GTA 5 too.

  VelmaBarnes 08:21 10 Apr 2020

I play the mod apk game at click here

  aleeam 20:32 10 Apr 2020

Assassin Creed Odyssey on my PS4.

  Ken Thesparky 17:16 20 Apr 2020

Dodge the Coronavirus.

  SweetPotatoes 02:33 21 Apr 2020

Currently, I am playing Marvel Super War. A 5v5 MOBA. A very nice team game. It can also enhanced communication and teamwork. A good pastime especially this lockdown. But don't forget your exercise to keep fit and healthy.

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