What cooling system do I need?

  doogieman 02:58 27 Sep 2013

Hi, I'm a reasonably serious pc gamer, and I play some pretty intensive games (eg Rome 2). I have a rig which until now seemed capable of dealing with even Rome 2 on the highest settings without too much difficulty. The pc is a dell 730x XPS; it's 4 years old, and it just showed its age through a cooling system leak. I removed the cooling system and cleaned up the fluid, and the pc still works fine without the system plugged in. However, for obvious reasons I am apprehensive about using my pc without cooling systems installed. Unable to fix the older cooling, I'm now looking at buying and installing a new cooling system, with a fairly flexible price range.

My questions are as follows: Since the previous system was liquid cooling, does this mean the new cooling system must also be liquid, or will an air cooling system be equally effective? If so which should I get? When buying new cooling, should I be wary to stay above a certain price range to keep my pc safe? As in, if I buy a £20 cooler will it be insufficient and either lead to a fried CPU or a burned down house? And finally, for bonus points, does anyone know how dangerous it is to run my pc without any cooling systems installed? Will it depend on what I'm doing (eg intensive gaming vs internet surfing), or is it all just totally off limits until I replace the cooling?

  Mr Mistoffelees 09:24 27 Sep 2013

Firstly, do not run your PC without fitting a new CPU cooler first.

I use one of these, Arctic Cooling Freezer 13 pro which works very well if your case has good airflow. If you want to stay with water-cooling, try one of these, Corsair H60. More powerful versions are also available, H80 and H100.

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