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What is better: 256GB SSD or 128GB SSD+1TB HDD?

  Henrique Lourenco 01:20 29 Jan 2017

For a gaming laptop, mind you. Thanks in advance.

  Easterling 09:06 29 Jan 2017

I prefer 256GB SSD. Because I don't want to worry about the compatible problem.

  Henrique Lourenco 17:22 29 Jan 2017

Do you not fear running out of space?

  john bunyan 18:08 29 Jan 2017

I would go for the best of both if you can - ie a 256 SSD plus a 1 TB SATA. If not the 128 + 1TB SATA. Keep just the OS and programmes on the SSD and ensure that all you data and saved games are on the larger drive. The added advantage is that whilst making an image of the C drive to a back up takes a bit of time (using ATI or Macrium Reflect or similar), keeping a mirror copy of the data drive takes a minute or two once the original copy is done (Using freefilesynch or synchtoy or similar)

  wee eddie 18:14 29 Jan 2017

The operating speed of the 1TB Drive could make a serious difference. Go for one that spins at 7200rpm

  Gordon Freeman 20:28 29 Jan 2017

None of the above, go for a 1Tb ssd samsung 850 EVO.

  pghero 06:09 05 Feb 2017

I honestly prefer the 128GB SSD + 1TB HDD.

That's because I have lots of files, so I reserve the SSD for two things: OS and games.

Music, video, and other non-essential items go on the HDD.

To be honest 256GB SSD is still not that much room.

The problem with the SSD, whether it's 128GB or 256GB is that it can at most hold about 2 - 3 triple AAA games.

I always have to uninstall when I find a new game I want to play.

Tom's Hardware has a guide on SSDs. Click here.

  Ourection 20:49 07 Feb 2017

It is really depend on how utilize the storage. If you ask my opinion, i would say, use small amount only for OS and gaming purposes, for other file you can store in the normal HDD

  Jamesjustin1431 10:31 08 Feb 2017

I suggest you 128GB SSD+1TB

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