Well I've Finally Done It

  Menzie 15:24 31 Dec 2018

Over the course of last week I went for a browse in a computer store.

I ended up leaving with an AMD Ryzen 7 2700 CPU, an MSI gaming motherboard, 16GB of DDR4 memory and a Corsair tower.

Spent yesterday gutting old reliable (my previous PC). Took out the drives (4 2TB HDDs and a 128GB SSD). I removed the video card (Radeon 290X), my sound card (Asus Xonar DG), my Wi-Fi/Bluetooth card and my Power Supply (Corsair GS600).

The new system flies along, my old AMD FX 8320 was getting up there in years but is still pretty snappy. Even then I've noticed that the new CPU runs cooler and quieter, and the system feels more responsive overall.

I'm quite happy with the newfound performance but probably won't be once my bank statement arrives.

Off to Steam I go.

  Forum Editor 12:00 01 Jan 2019

I hope you and your rebuilt machine have a long and happy life together. Is Windows 10 involved?

  Menzie 15:16 01 Jan 2019

Windows 10 Home is installed for Direct X 12 to provide all the bells and whistles in the future.

I've also got Linux Mint 19.1 installed, although I'm not ready to have it as my primary OS. I find it stable, fast and fine for general usage. I started to like it when I installed Mint on my old laptop a few years ago.

I'm happy I waited, it seemed that the issues with Ryzen on launch I heard about memory and motherboards needing flashing have been sorted. It was painless installing and setting it all up.

The only downside is the cooler is a bit on the garish side. I know RGB lighting is the latest trend in the PC sector. It features a red ring with the AMD logo all lit up when on. It is inside however so I don't see it apart from through the side vent.

It is interesting how difficult finding a plain tower can be, all the towers in the store either looked like it came from the set of Predator or had glass side panels. One was all glass!

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