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A warning for games players

  mrgrumpy 10:40 28 Dec 2019

I recently got an email from somebody asking me if I wanted to unsubscribe from google plays monthly subscription.

As you all know I only open stuff like this on an old spare machine , it was allegedly from google play store but when I did click the unsubscribe link about 5 dodgey looking email addresses would have got my reply.

I typed tell me more and then clicked reply ,proof it was fake was that the Damion mailer system bounced it back to me within seconds and marked it undeliverable. The email address it went to is one I have not used for ages because it got swamped with offers of Russian brides etc.

So my warning to you all is , IF you use google play store you may/may not have a game account set up for a few pounds per month , regardless of weather you do or not I would advise you to ignore them all.

  Menzie 13:40 31 Dec 2019

Stuff like this has become all too common an occurrence these days.

I still have my UK email address and occasionally I will get an email claiming to be from BT, Virgin or Parcel Force.

The emails aren't so bad as I click spam if it hasn't already been flagged by my email provider.

What is annoying are the calls; especially since scammers have been using number spoofing. It's resulted in people calling other people and having heated exchanges.

It also means that these days if you call someone from a number not recognised chances are they won't even pick up.

I have a Google Pixel 3a and the automatic spam feature has been great. When a number has been flagged on Google's list my phone doesn't even ring, I just see a flagged number in my calls list.

When a call not in my contacts comes through I can screen the call which involves my phone asking them who they are and what they want. Whatever the person says is shown on the screen as text and I have the option to answer the call or mark as spam in which the phone gives a do not call message, flags and blocks the number, then hangs up.

In most cases once my phone answers the scammers hang up. This year the phone companies will be taking steps to reduce these unwanted calls but they say the effects will take a while to become effective.

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