waiting for FarCry2

  gengiscant 15:04 19 Oct 2008

Lets hope it lives up to the hype.

  mrwoowoo 19:21 20 Oct 2008

By looking at these new videos of the gameplay,click here i may just pay full price for this one on release day.

  donki 16:25 22 Oct 2008

Is no one else sick to death of FPS??? I really have yet to find any that provide anythign out of the ordinary :(. Maybe im gettign old.

  Marko797 21:30 23 Oct 2008

ur joking...I've just started CoD Modern Warfare and it's superb so far, grfs, action, everything.

Next to play has to be Crysis Warhead, when Tesco decided to stock.

Then there's CoD Worlds at War...wow so much to look fwd to.

Anyway, not much longer to wait for the subject matter (FC2), apparently it's out tomorrow - 24th. Let's hope it's as good as, if not better than FC1, which again was superb.

  donki 21:59 23 Oct 2008

Ive played all them, all finished :(, waiting on new COD rite enough :).

  mrwoowoo 22:44 23 Oct 2008

"Is no one else sick to death of FPS??? "
Not at all.I break them up with games such as AITD 5 (yes i know),Portal, FSX, lost planet colonies addition,Tomb raider series and the occasional racer.
So you see,you don't have to play FPS all the time if you don't wish to.

  citadel 19:32 24 Oct 2008

xfx and evga are giving far cry 2 away with new selected graphics cards, worth bearing in mind if anyone's thinking of a new card.

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