Upgrading My ASUS M51BC Computer (Please Help)

  Ethan McClard 20:30 02 Jan 2017

I'm purchased my computer about 2 years back, and had the intent on gaming with it. I just recently came into contact with the money to upgrade. Everything is stock on it Processor - AMD FX-8300 Eight-Core, Graphics Card (being out-of-date) - AMD Radeon R9 255, 12GB of RAM, and 2 TB of Hard Drive. I was looking into getting a water cooling system, (I would be converting over from a blower style) and also a GTX 1070, but I'm not sure as to which 1070 I should get. I've found that there is several types of them, and all of them I understand none about them. I would really appreciate any and all help as to finding one that fits my needs, and also if water cooling is the way to go and what I should buy.

Thank You -Ethan

  Archonar 21:39 02 Jan 2017

Okay, starting with 1070 variations - there isn't much difference between the 'customised versions'. The big names are MSI, Gigabyte and ASUS, and most offer more cooling capabilities and slight overclocking, so pick the one that you like because in my experience there really isn't much to tell them apart. I would recommend one of the custom ones, since they usually offer much better cooling which will help keep your card healthy in the long run.

The only thing to note is make sure your case is big enough to take the 1070 as it is quite large, I think it covers 2 vertical slots so just be sure it will all fit - maybe measure inside the case just to be sure.

Your processor and ram will be absolutely fine so no worries there. Unless you are keen on overclocking you don't 'need' a water cooling system, and even if you do want to overclock fan coolers are more than capable. The Hyper 212 evo is a very popular and effective fan cooler, one that I use and would happily recommend, I've never used a water cooler and have had no issues at all even under heavy load. Of course it's up to you, and if you definitely want one either read reviews online (amazon reviews are always good as you will get a good number so you know it's reliable), or maybe someone with more knowledge than me can recommend one.

The only other thing I would consider is an SSD for your Operating system - this isn't necessary and moving the OS across can be a pain but you will notice the difference in the time it takes to boot up the pc. I went from a minute or so to about 20 seconds, which you learn to appreciate very quickly! Just a thought, like I said you won't have any issues with the one you have now.

Hope that helps, if you have any other questions just ask!

  Ethan McClard 23:49 02 Jan 2017

Do you have any recommendations on which 1070 to get?

  Archonar 23:57 02 Jan 2017

As I said most of them are very similar, I currently have an MSI Gaming gtx 1060 which I am happy with, but others like the ASUS strix series or the Windforce cards which I believe are Gigabyte. I will recommend the Gaming series by MSI, but only because I have one. It is pretty much whichever takes your fancy, though I would stay stick with MSI, ASUS and Gigabyte as they are well regarded.

  Ethan McClard 23:58 02 Jan 2017

On top of that any good recommendations on a good tall tower? I've got a mid sized one and I could use some more room in there. I would highly prefer one that was see through and a reasonable price (100-150).

  Archonar 00:05 03 Jan 2017

I currently use the NZXT S340, which isnt massive, but is very roomy thanks to the lack of a DVD drive. It is also very good value at about £70, with very good reviews. It has a see through side panel and a very sleek design, you won't have an issue getting a 1070 into it. If you need a DVD drive and cant manage with a usb one, or want something huge then have a look around and read some reviews, feel free to post a link here and I'll let you know what I think.

  Ethan McClard 01:07 03 Jan 2017

Alright thank you so much, I have no need for a DVD drive so ill just rip that out as you did. I appreciate all your help and I'll let you know if anything else comes up!


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