Upgraded CPU and still low fps

  M1ntyBadger 18:57 04 Dec 2014

Hi there,

I recently upgraded my cpu from an fx 4130 to an fx 8350 hoping I would see an increase in fps when playing cpu intensive games (e.g ArmA 3). However that was not the case, at first I suspected I needed a new power supply as my one is getting hot (not dangerously) much quicker ever since my cpu upgrade but now I'm not so sure. I should be getting a new motherboard (Asus sabertooth 990fx) for Christmas as I have noticed that opening simple applications such as iTunes takes in excess of 5 seconds (much longer than I would have thought given the CPU's capability), could someone give me some advice as to what part of the system is dragging it down as this is really frustrating having low fps (20-30) in games which I know both my CPU and graphics card can handle with ease.

My Rig:

AMD fx 8350 4.0 ghz, Nvidia Geforce GTX 750ti 2GB, Biostar A690D+ motherboard, 1 TB hard drive, Windows professional 64 bit, 8gb ram (Model or speed cannot be specified as I bought this build from ebay a while back and it seems to be unbranded), CiT 500w power supply,

Thanks in advance!

  Grilam 13:03 23 Dec 2014

Agreed with first post, u should just spend a bit more money.

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