Upgrade Graphics card

  cyrox 15:26 29 Sep 2011

My apologies another G/card ?

I am currently running AMD athlon ll 2x 2.9 Ghz, m/b Asus M4A77TD Pro AMD770, Corsair 1x4Gb PC3 1333mhz DD3 ATI Radeon HD5570- 1GB. Games only. Genre FPS looking to upgarde G/card I also will increase ram to 8gb. Any thoughts much appreciated thanks cyrox

  gengiscant 16:43 29 Sep 2011

Unless you are a 64Bit operating system, which you do not mention, you will be wasting your money. 32 Bit will only see 4GB and use around 3 and a half GB.Ram limits

You mention your CPU as being AMD athlon ll 2x 2.9 Ghz Do you know what the three numbers are following the x 2? I think it might be 225 or 245

Another thing to think about is your PSU as a newer card will/might need its own power connection.

You do not mention budget either, which will obviously dictate where you can look for your upgrade.

  cyrox 22:48 29 Sep 2011

Yeah agreed crap post missing out info, done in a hurry, W7 64bit 3 numbers 250.Budget? I haven't won the lottery(lol) guessing to upgrade from what Ive got over £100 ish? ajax

  gengiscant 09:06 30 Sep 2011

You must have been in a hurry again as you failed to mention your PSU and a few more details of your ram, there will be a long number on a sticker, always best to match the ram otherwise compatibility issues can be a bugger.

Is the £100 your total budget if so the ram will take around £25 so that will leave £75 more than enough, but I will need the PSU info.

  gengiscant 10:46 30 Sep 2011

Hers a good card and at a very good price GPU as you can see thats a refurbished card but its from a good company and you still get the years warranty. This will need 2 6 pin connectors or 1 pin and a twin molex converter.You would need at least a 450 W PSU

Or there is this,5770 I used one of these for a year or so, good card. You will need at least 450W PSU with one six-pin PCI-Express power connection.

  cyrox 18:14 30 Sep 2011

Thanks,I was looking at 5770 co-incedently last night.

The ram, would I be right in assuming that if I increase by 1x4gb is obviously "safer" than 2x2. I have been looking at crucial.com I can match up the ram no problem, but I cannot see if they do 1x4gb,they do 2x4 but that would give me 12??? My max is 16 i.e. 4 slots 4x4? Looking at the cost that is not an issue, so I could spend more on the card?

  gengiscant 08:00 01 Oct 2011

As you have failed to answer my question about the make/model number of ram I am finding it difficult to help you. I personally do not like Crucial memory scanner, gets it wrong to often for my liking. If you could let me know the part number I'll be able to help you.

  fenway23 13:46 03 Oct 2011

gtx 550 Ti 1Gb £95

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