Unexplained FPS drop with no apparent reason

  Othmane MOUBARAK 23:36 11 Mar 2018

Hi guys, since 2 days the fps on all of my games dropped by half, for exemple : While i had a constant 60 fps (60hz monitor) On Max settings on Dark Souls 3 / Metal Gear Solid 5, i now have at max 30 - 35 fps on them, with no apparent reason, the heat of the GPU is fine, ( around 65 - 70 celsius degrees ), the Ram & CPU Usage are normal ( 40% for the CPU most of the time, 60 - 80% for the RAM ) and 100% GPU usage according to HW Monitor.

Note that i haven't installed any software whatsoever in the last 2 days ...

My specs are : Windows 8.1 Pro AMD Ryzen 5 1500x EVGA SSC GTX 1060 6GB Corsaire Vengeance 3200Mz 8Go Dual Channel Ram Asrock AB350M Pro4 Motherboard (latest bios) Seagate barracuda st1000dm010

I have tried : - Reinstalling the drivers - Increasing fan speed - Disabling useless non-microsoft services and some microsoft services (Windows Installer / Update / Superfetch / Printer stuff, etc...) - Disabling start-up services aside from 3 (scp ds3 controller service / eagleget / shareX)

Please help guys, i'm lost ...

  Forum Editor 22:37 12 Mar 2018

Moved to the Games forum from Tech Helproom.

  Othmane MOUBARAK 20:05 15 Mar 2018

Thank's guys for the help & intentions, figured it was a bitcoin mining malware, my GPU was running at 95% even when not playing games, i've reinstalled windows and that solved it.

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