Unable to install Game on laptop

  ponytail 10:09 08 Jan 2018

I put a game on my Amazon wish list which my daughter bought and have just tried to install it but nothing happens.I tried it on my laptops DVD drive and on my external DVD drive and it does appear but when I click on run starter.exe nothing happens.The game is Motorgp 13 my OS is windows 7 64 bit with 4.00 GB not sure what other information you need

  ponytail 15:25 12 Jan 2018

I think the graphics card is a Intel(r) HD Graphics 3000 could that be correct

  martd7 17:15 12 Jan 2018

no idea? its probably something like it that's why the program wants more video ram,its just not going to run on your system

Down load "speccy" it will inform you of all the components in the pc

From here,ensure you click "piriform" as source of download not "filehippo"

click here

  wee eddie 18:48 12 Jan 2018

There is no Graphics Card installed. This is an On-Board Graphics Chip and unlikely to be able to play the game.

On-Board Chips are usually able to play the simplest of games

  Menzie 00:02 14 Jan 2018

Moto GP 13 needs 512MB video RAM and pixel shader 3.0.

  RufinaTangert 07:37 05 Feb 2018

It depends on the secondary and primary storage of the laptop and also the graphics card and data transfer rate of the laptop. If these things are matched with the gaming requirements then, it should run.

  KEITH 1955 16:59 16 Feb 2018

ok several points to pick up on here ponytail... once the game is installed type its name into the search box , as you type windows will be guessing what you are looking for , when you see an icon for the games name press your left mouse button ( not click) onto the icon and drag it onto your desktop.

if a games requires any version of visual c , it should detect you don't have it and it should automatically search the web and install it from Microsoft for you , sometimes there is a copy of it on the disc just in case its needed.

to save you doing a lot of searching for the spec of your pc ( you mentioned graphics card) download a free program called belarc advisor , it runs and opens up like a web page , it will tell you everything both hardware and software.

finally , is your dvd disc unit faulty , try playing a music disc on it and see if it plays or skips.

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