Unable to install Game on laptop

  ponytail 10:09 08 Jan 2018

I put a game on my Amazon wish list which my daughter bought and have just tried to install it but nothing happens.I tried it on my laptops DVD drive and on my external DVD drive and it does appear but when I click on run starter.exe nothing happens.The game is Motorgp 13 my OS is windows 7 64 bit with 4.00 GB not sure what other information you need

  martd7 18:07 08 Jan 2018

I have Moto GP 13 and 15,when I put the disc in the drive the installer appears as is usual with games,it auto runs

Does yours not autorun?

  ponytail 09:38 09 Jan 2018

I have just tried again I insert the disc then auto play appears with run starter.exe which I click on the led on drive flashes on and off for a while then goes off and the drive still makes a sound like it is running then that stops then nothing.Any ideas.Thank's

  martd7 11:44 09 Jan 2018

Check the disc for any scratches or fingermarks,if you have a microfibre cloth wipe the disc with it in a circular motion

Is the game "used" ?

  ponytail 14:22 09 Jan 2018

No it is a brand new game which wason my Amazon wish lit and my daughter got it for me for Christmas and have only just tried to install it yesterday.Will try and clean it now and try again and will post the results on here

  ponytail 14:32 09 Jan 2018

I have just tried cleaning it and there are no scratches on it and it looks really clean but still will not load.

  ponytail 14:35 09 Jan 2018

Forgot to say if I have time later will call in my local PC shop where I normally go and ask him to try it in one of his laptops and see what happens and will let you know what happens

  martd7 14:54 09 Jan 2018

Ok how about putting the disc in,explore the contents of the disc looking for an "install.exe" might be "motorgp13 install.exe,run it from there

Worth a go

  ponytail 16:16 09 Jan 2018

Have installed it now what I did was right click the install icon then selected open then selected setup.exe and went from there and it loaded ok.Thanks for the replies

  ponytail 09:28 10 Jan 2018

The game has installed or that is what it said but seem unable to find it to see if it plays ok.Any suggestions of where to find it.I went into control panel then uninstall a program but it is not listed there or in all programs

  martd7 14:57 10 Jan 2018

Have you looked in "program files" that's usual default for installs

Look for either the game icon motorgp13 or there may be a folder with the developers name on think it's "milestone" that produce the motogp series, information probably on your game box

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