Tv to pc hdmi suddenly no signal

  Dannyty90 21:08 19 Dec 2018

Hi there all,

I’ve been using a cheap old lcd hd tv (JMB) as a pc monitor on and off for 2 years. Never any issues. Today I turned my pc on to be greeted by a no signal message. I have tested it with 3 different HDMI cables which all work between my Xbox and main Tv. The strange thing is that I can connect my pc to my main tv with any of the above mentioned cables and it displays perfect straight away.

And then here’s another twist.....

If I connect my Xbox to the same tv that shows no signal when connected to the pc, it displays, but only in 640x480 and with no sound. when trying to change this in the Xbox display settings that is the only resolution available to select. I have occasionally used this tv with my Xbox and never had this problem before.

Thanks to everyone who stops by this post and hope someone can give me an insight into what my issue could be.


  wee eddie 01:40 20 Dec 2018

Sounds like your PC's Graphics is playing hookie

  Dannyty90 10:35 20 Dec 2018

Hi Eddie,

Thanks for replying. I did think the same myself however I only seem to have an issue with this monitor and after reseating the GPU there is still no difference (still works on other monitors/tv.

I’m not the most knowledgable person when it comes to pcs but I’m almost certain it is a monitor issue as display is perfect on other monitors.

  Dannyty90 10:36 20 Dec 2018

Any idea on what I could try to solve the issue ?

Thanks in advance �/p>

  BRYNIT 12:34 20 Dec 2018

From what I read:

  1. When you connect your pc or Xbox to your main TV you get a picture.

  2. When connecting Xbox to cheap old lcd hd tv (JMB) that you have been using on and off for 2 years you only get a resolution of 640 x 480 and when you connect your PC you get No Signal.

If this is correct the fault lies with the cheep TV as you have eliminated the cables and do get a picture via your main TV.

  Dannyty90 17:09 20 Dec 2018

Hi Brynit,

Thanks for your reply and taking the time to understand my issue. I thought exactly the same thing (JMB tv is the fault) after troubleshooting for hours.

Only thing I couldn’t get my head around is why it would still display when connected to Xbox, albeit only in 640x480 and with no audio.

Looks like a new monitor in the new year �

Thanks again for your advice.

Have a great Christmas �/p>

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