Tombraider Underworld Demo

  Legolas 12:39 04 Nov 2008

Hi all I d/l the Tombraider Underworld Demo but every time I try to run it I get a blue screen of death I suspect it is my graphics card I am running an ATI Mobility Radeon X1800 according to the game specs this should be OK anyone had the same problem?

  mad1234 09:30 06 Nov 2008

have you got a link for it & i will try it

  mrwoowoo 18:12 06 Nov 2008

Here's a link.
The graphics are amazing.Lara is back.
click here

  Legolas 18:42 06 Nov 2008

Sorry I forgot I had posted this. I updated my graphic drivers and it works OK. As mrwoowoo says the graphics are very good, but as in the last two TR's the control system is IMO rubbish. I find it hard to control lara especially when jumping. This made me give up on the last TR and I am not sure I will buy this one, also I hate savepoints why not just be able to save whenever you want. The last TR became just like one long obstacle course. I suspect me having to play them on a Laptop has something to do with it.

  mrwoowoo 23:26 06 Nov 2008

I have a game pad for my pc as i would never attempt to play any Tomb raider game with a keyboard and mouse.
Some people may find it easy,but i,as yourself,find it almost unplayable with a keyboard.
A gamepad changes the whole experience completely IMHO.

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