Tomb Raider Anniversary + no save game option

  cowgirl66 15:35 10 Jul 2008

Hi, In Croft Manor I'm unable to autosave or save games manually as there is no Save Game in the Escape menu. I skip the first cinematic when Lara enters, cross several checkpoints, but each time I restart the game I'm taken back to the opening cinematic scene where Croft Manor first began.

I have played this game before (although some time past) and I can't call to mind what I'm doing wrong.

I need help!

Regards cowgirl66

  mrwoowoo 16:41 10 Jul 2008

There are various Checkpoints, but you cannot save manually in the manor.
Your post made me laugh,as well as bringing back memories.
I spent ages in the manor trying to work out how to actually start the game.
As far as i recall,i think there is an option in the start menu to start the game rather than enter the manor)which is training level) first.

  mrwoowoo 16:44 10 Jul 2008

Just found this.I hope it helps.....
When you're ready to LEAVE CROFT MANOR to play the main adventure, either return downstairs to the MAIN HALL and exit through the front door, which is opposite the fireplace. Or, quit the level by pressing Escape/Start and choosing Quit from the menu.

  cowgirl66 17:07 10 Jul 2008

No I'm sorry but this doesn't help! The problem I'm having - if I can explain it clearly enough - is that after entering Croft Manor and crossing the initial checkpoints, I am put back at the very beginning (including Introduction cinematic) when I restart Croft Manor.

The game is supposed to Auto save in Croft Manor but this just isn't happening for me.

  mrwoowoo 17:11 10 Jul 2008

But you don't have to enter croft manor in the first place as it's a training level you can just skip it.
It's something silly on the start menu somewhere.Something to do with your profile or creating a profile i think.
Sorry i can't be more specific,but i will investigate and get back.

  mrwoowoo 17:18 10 Jul 2008

In croft manor,pause the game,then click options.
There should be a play the game option.If not perhaps you haven't created a profile.
If no play game option click change profile or similar, and i'm sure you access the main game that way.

  cowgirl66 19:32 10 Jul 2008

Hi mrwoowoo,

Thanks again for your help. I'm having to sign off for tonight but I will follow up on your last posting tomorrow and get back to you with results.

Regards cowgirl66

  cowgirl66 11:40 11 Jul 2008

I have created a profile of my own using my own name already. Playing the main game of Anniversary is no trouble at all, and has the Save option in the menu.

But I want to play the Croft Manor part first before starting the actual game. It is here where there is no Save option in the menu because Croft Manor is supposed to AutoSave after crossing checkpoints. But doesn't. This is my problem. Maybe I will have to reinstall it...

  cowgirl66 14:18 11 Jul 2008

I feel I must apologise for wasting your time! I didn't realise that I was restarting Croft Manor every time, therefore losing all autosaves. Things are now ok but I'm so sorry for my mistake.

Regards cowgirl66

  mrwoowoo 16:13 11 Jul 2008

No apologies needed and certainly not a waste of time.This is exactly why the forum is here.We all get stumped from time to time and it's nice to chip in your two pennies worth as well.
I had the same trouble when i first played it,but it was so long ago i couldn't remember how to do it.
It certainly is a strange profile system.
Role on tombraider underworld(O:!

  wolfie3000 01:11 15 Jul 2008

I love this game,
One option is to use a game save,
click here

HOpe this helps and dont forget i have mods for this game, just download and use, there easy to install and wont affect the game files in any way.

Iv included everything you need in the download.

click here

Theres also pictures of what the costumes look like on the mod page.

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