Tomb Raider 2013 anyone played it?

  martd7 11:19 14 Mar 2013

Anyone thats not played this,buy it,a stunning game,i agree with the review now and again the cinematics take over and your not controlling the character but the gameplay and graphics are top notch,the characters skin detail is near real and the quality of the hair is so "real",its just everything,you spend your time marvelling at the scenery,all highly textured,superior in every way to the xbox 360 version Of course a lot of this depends on how good a pc you have To run it on ultra settings i get an unplayable 20fps Run it on high and i get 50ps on a nvidia gtx 650 card Game of the year for me

  Chronos the 2nd 11:07 15 Mar 2013

Great game, best I played for a long time. I found the button mashing in the earlier parts of the game tedious but that seems to have taken a back seat now.

Just got myself Crysis 3 for £20 so looking forward to starting that.

Oh and by the way 60-70FPS on ultra with a Asus Direct CU 11 GTX 670.

  martd7 13:32 15 Mar 2013

out of my budget the 670 played crysis2 not so keen so not tempted to purchase crysis3 more joy from sensi soccer if i could get it work in full screen

  ordep 15:38 15 Mar 2013

Were's the hauntingly atmospheric music?

I've been a fan since day one of the Tomb Raider serise, I love'em all. This one is way deferent from the rest, not to say thats a bad thing. In fact I agree with everything you said mart7.

60fps Radeon HD 6950

  mrwoowoo 11:13 16 Mar 2013

Absolutely awesome game. Played all the previous T.R's, and this is by far the best. Love the save system as it's so seamless. No silly check points or save beacons, it just saves and resumes from virtually wherever you quit the game. The graphics at max setting are stunning. The combat system superb, which always was a bit of a let down in previous T.R's. Human enemies are top notch, but i would like to see lots of animals to fight in the next instalement. I feel it needs bears, tigers, gorillas etc just to add variety. Love the instict mode which shows you which way to head if you are lost, because you don't have to use it if you don't want to. Seems to have nicked a fair few ideas from Far cry 3. But does them equally as well if not better. I wonder if these game developers spy on each other?
Best game iv'e played for a long time. Plays on max sttings comfortably with my GTX 660.

  martd7 00:01 17 Mar 2013

ordep I wouldnt really say ive been a tomb raider fan,back in my very early days of computing i purchased a matrox mystique graphics card which came with enhanced versions of destruction derby and tomb raider 1,that is some years ago!!!!

  Chronos the 2nd 08:42 17 Mar 2013

Finished it yesterday and though I can say I really enjoyed it was very easy, there were no real challenges. I sure we can all remember from previous games those difficult jump or sequence of moves, There was none of that here.

Pretty easy to find all the relics ETC, the tombs were small and ridiculously simple so is thee any replay value possible another run through but then forgotten about.

I believe that this is the first game in a series so hopefully improvements can and will be made.

I certainly recommend buying it particularly as you can pick it up for just over £20.

  martd7 11:23 17 Mar 2013

I havent had the time to play it as much as i would like to,my sons finished it on the xbox 360 May i ask Where did you get tomb raider from for £20 and crysis 3? £26 was the cheapest i found for tomb raider

  Chronos the 2nd 11:41 17 Mar 2013

Tomb Raider.

Crysis 3 I bought off a guy who got it with a graphics card. This is from another forum where once you have fulfilled certain criteria you can have access to the Marketplace section of the forum where we buy and sell components ETC for great prices. I have just sold a PSU this morning.

  martd7 12:47 17 Mar 2013

followed the link ive seen this site its a digital download personally i like the disk in my possession call me old fashioned

  Chronos the 2nd 13:28 17 Mar 2013

No it is not as I have the game box myself plus you need Steam anyway so most of the content is downloaded anyway.

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