Things to ban instead of videogames

  deadplayer 16:21 11 Mar 2009

Whenever something bad happens and videogames are a linked source of material, everyone always chases after it and wants them gone. If you think about it, the amount of damage that videogames cause compared to other things is insignificant. If videogames deserves to be banned so do cars and guns because they cause far more damage than videogames ever will. Books are greater sources of violent tendencies than video games by a factor of several times yet few people ever complain about books because they are considered to be protected by the first amendment in the United States. The thing is, videogames hardly cause any damage to society.

This is a list of all deaths said to be caused by videogames (taken from According to this list, 26 people have died in relation to videogames. These are DIRECT causes of death by videogames NOT INDIRECT. That means that person who strangled the other person with a controller would not count unless it was because of the game they were playing. If you make comparisons, videogames average maybe 2 deaths a year or 3 if you're synical about it. Spread this out throughout the time that videogames have been around and you have 1 death maybe every 4 or 5 years which is extremely low.

Apr 1999 - Columbine Massacre - 13 dead
Nov 2001 - Everquest suicide - 1 dead
Jun 2003 - Dustin Lynch - 1 dead
Jun 2003 - Devin Moore - 3 dead
Jun 2003 - Buckner brothers - 1 dead, 1 wounded
Feb 2004 - Murder of Stephen Pakeerah - 1 dead
Oct 2004 - Qiu Chengwei - 1 dead
Aug 2005 - Lee Seung Seop dies after playing Starcraft - 1 dead
Sep 2007 - Man dies in Guangzhou after 3-day binge - 1 dead
Dec 2007 - Beating in Russia - 1 dead
Oct 2008 - Brandon Crisp - 1 dead
Sep 2008 - Daniel Petric - 1 dead, 1 wounded

If you want to point out Virginia Tech, keep in mind that videogames were not related in any way in that incident. Seung-Hui Cho wrote violent literature and Sonic the Hedgechog isn't exactly the most violent character you could relate him to. His massacre was attributed to his writing and not videogames.


Alcohol causes problems for the body but it also impairs judgment and the senses. For statistics, alcohol can be related to about 100000 deaths each year which is around 270 each day. Drunk driving kills people. It also makes people do things they normally wouldn't do such as beat up friends and families. Alcohol doesn't only cause violence related problems. If a guy and a girl get drunk and with their impaired judgment sleep with each other and have a child, the child is something they would be responsible for the rest of their life. Not to mention they might do other things like trash other people's property or make themselves seem like they need to be submitted to a mental institution.


Bigger cars cause bigger deaths. A SUV is more likely to kill someone than a moped. Cars are convient for us in our every day life because it allows us to get around. On average, 100 people around the world die from a car crash EVERY day. This does not include injuries or permanent disabilities caused by these accidents. A lot of crimes also require cars to commit. Mostly the robbery types require a car but so do hit and runs and drive by shootings. Without cars these probably wouldn't happen. In one case in 2006, George Russell Weller killed 10 people in a single crash. That is almost as bad as the worst on the videogames list. Also, you can't exlcude it to a few bad drivers because videogames are generalized as well so the same case can be made about cars. Can't get to work? You better start learning how to ride a bicycle but the odds of a bicycle actually killing someone on impact is much lower than if a car hit the person. Even then chances are bicycles will still be more dangerous than videogames.


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Ahhh, air also shoud be banned, it has obvious addictive qualities.

  wolfie3000 07:10 12 Mar 2009

I can understand how you feel about how the media blames games on deaths,
People like Jack Thompson promote the idea so he can make money in the courts,

Hes a true ambulance chaser.

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Right im off to start killing people, damm those rape and murder simulators.

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