Stuttering in almost all games - in desperate need

  Nebrok 05:36 24 Jul 2019

I have an issue that has been plaguing me for about 3 months now and that is stuttering. I have it in all games doesn't matter if its new (Dishonored 2, Apex, League) or old (Witcher 1, Skyrim) and the weird thing is the stuttering still happens even though my FPS is pretty solid. VSync seems to help with the issue a little bit but its still unplayabale in most of the games.

I found that my DPC latency seems to be quite high which some people think it could lead to stuttering. Such high latency appears eve after a fresh install of Windows so I have no idea on how to lower it. Here is the screenshot from LatencyMon (left it running for about 4 min) click here is the video of the exact same issue I have (not my video) click here SPECS: • NVIDIA GTX 1060 6GB

• I5 4690K QUAD CORE





The only thing I have plugged into my mobo is an old PS/2 Keyboard and an old Genius mouse + my Sennheiser headset.

Would really appreciate all the help <3

Here **PC

  mrgrumpy 11:41 24 Jul 2019

Latency as I understand it is related to the strength of your broadband connection , are you or wifi and if so is your connection secure using a code to lock your pc to your hub/modem.

if you don't have a secure connection somebody could be highjacking your connection and using up your bandwidth that would slow things down.

Are you a separate home or a block of flats , with regards to possible highjack you say it started 3 months ago , do you have any new neighbours , they might be the culprits.

I could be completely wrong but its something worth thinking about.

  mrgrumpy 11:44 24 Jul 2019

found these articles as well

click here

  Forum Editor 15:06 24 Jul 2019

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