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Stuck in a mouse sensitivity dilemma?

  Squimbles 18:36 04 Jan 2017

Ok, so I got a new Roccat Kova 7000 dpi optical mouse for Christmas. I had been using a Sharkoon Fireglider Laser Mouse for just over a year and half and had played a lot of star wars battlefront 3. Before Christmas day I played battlefront and got my usual score of around 25 kills and 3 deaths in blast - at the top of the leaderboard. I usually get the top score. I'm not boasting, I generally play battlefront everyday when I can and practice hard to make sure I am the best. Also, the PC community for battlefront is only like 5000 players so it's not hard to become one of the best. However lately, or moreover, after I got the new mouse, I've been doing terrible... The weird thing is, my first game with the new mouse... I got 39 kills and 0 deaths. But that is possibly due to the fact that it was Christmas day and there was a lot of new players! My question is how can I get the same sensitivity and or just get it so I can play good again.The best technique ive managed to do is making a marker on my mousepad and drawing a line in paint with each mouse, trying to get the same sensitivity. The problem is I'm not taking into account theres no mouse acceleration, I've only just started using the mat and the mouse is optical. When I play csgo, Im good with 800 dpi, with battlefront, I'm only good with 850 dpi. But I'm still bad, so I'm stuck in a dilemma and can't choose a dpi. I could change the sensitivity settings in battlefront but it messes everything up.

  June Lee 09:40 05 Jan 2017

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  Old Deuteronomy 10:44 05 Jan 2017

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