Strange uncanny PC questions

  NotXsoXoptic 00:31 06 Dec 2015

hello, stay with me here because I'm not entirely sure what I'm aiming for here. About a year ago I custom build myself a good PC from Micro center and it's great. Here are the specs: GPU; GeForce GTX 970 CPU: AMD FX(tm)-8320 Eight core processor Memory: 8.00 GB RAM my res is 1920 X 1080 so I can run most games on the "high"setting but I get frame drops (such as fallout, witcher etc), I don't feel as if I should be getting any frame drops. I feel like I should be able to run everything on not high but on maximum settings without any frame drops, is this the case or am I missing something? I admittedly and quite foolishly don't have any examples of this but I see others running games extremely smooth and at higher settings than me with "worse" PC, now again I don't have examples and it's possible I'm just insane. Another strange thing is sometimes when I start up my PC everything is more crisp, for instance; the text is more clear, the graphics on my games are better, and I seem to have a better frame rate. I too have no examples for this one either. This "crisper" text (and what seems to be a higher refresh rate to me) disappears about 30-45 min while using my PC. Am I insane? Could someone shed some light on the topics above? Thanks for your time and help!

  Devil Fish 02:17 06 Dec 2015

frame rates will always fluctuate in games due to some scenarios requiring higher rendering than others.For example walking through an open area will require less rendering than walking through a high foliage area.Walking through a small village with a small population takes less rendering than a town with more buildings and higher population.At end of day if you are running high settings and getting over 30fps even in high rendering areas i really wouldn't worry to much

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