Kevscar1 07:10 20 Jan 2010

I have been in the closed and now open beta for this game and it,s awesome.
At the moment there are only 2 races to choose from, Human and Klingon. Both are extremely customisable so you can get very close to your ideal character, varoius uniforms from the series with a wide variety of choice and colour mines all black. Customisable space ship again gone for all black choice of types with many subclasses to get the one you like the look of.
There is a wide variety of ground and space mission not all of which are combat based. These can be obtained from oficers in the spacedock or you can just fly off and visit a solar system. When you warp in you are contacted by starfleet command with a mission. Some of the ones obtained from space docks are called episodes and can contain upto 10 linked missions. There are also fleet actions, enemy contacts appear on the map screen, if you fly to them you can join in a multiplayer battle to destroy upto 9 squadrons of enemy ships. This also happens sometimes in ground battles, last night spent an hour fighting with about 30 others to clear a planet of klingons. Once the fleet actions are done you can wait for them to reset or fly off.
Starbase 24 the biggest fleet action destory 50 squadrons and 10 battleships.
You can also be jumped by enemy fleets while travelling through space.
These fleet actions give large amounts of rep which help towards promotion and skill leveling.
There are some nice small touches which make the game, on being promoted to Leiutenant Commander I went to a ceremony, when the promtion was announced everyone stood and saluted. As you move around the Space Station you see people talking about you or saying what they overheard the Admiral say about your last mission.
Not all areas are open yet so thre is a lot more to come and there are still a number of bugs that are being worked on but Cryptic have made the game real feel as if you are in Star Trek.
Will I buy it, definetly

  OTT_B 14:28 20 Jan 2010

Interesting review. Do you know when its release date is?

  Kevscar1 16:36 20 Jan 2010

5th Feb however if you pre-order you get a 3 day head start along with some special items. Dofferent shops giving different things so best to look and decide which you fancy.

  gengiscant 17:59 20 Jan 2010

Well due to prolonged ill health, I have been looking for a game that will occupy my time,other than the great Fallout 3,and this looks interesting.

  Kevscar1 23:09 20 Jan 2010

I know the feeling ben off 9 months at least another 3 to go.

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