Steam - Pro's & Con's?

  ukpostcode 17:33 12 Dec 2010

Been advised to buy a game on steam for a few £'s.
How does steam work?
Do you own the game outright or only for a time related period?
What are the benefits of steam & pros/cons?

  wolfie3000 20:20 12 Dec 2010

Steam can be best described as a game delivery system,
It has alot going for it but does have a few niggles.

PROS: Ne need to wait for a game to be delivered, Free games and updates, A chat function and can see what games and servers your friends are playing, can compare scores with friends, no looking for Game cd,s when your wanting to play a game.

CONS: No hard copy of your games, have to be online in order to play the games, have to download every game you buy, cannot have multiple accounts for a game.

But having said all that Steam is a good way to purchase games, Iv used it for years without a problem.

  OTT_B 21:21 12 Dec 2010

I'd have to echo what wolfie3000 has said, but with one slightly different interpreation;

I like to have a hard copy of any software I own, but, for my steam games, I never use the disc. Once the game is purchased, if you ever end up buying a new PC or reformatting your existing one, the game can be downloaded from Steam without the need for a disc. So from that view, it's a free software backup for you.

As with wolfie3000, I've used Steam for years and never had any issues to speak of.

  gengiscant 09:13 13 Dec 2010

Another couple of points other than what 'wolfie3000' and 'OTT_B' mentioned.
If you keep your Steam folder on another drive then should your C drive crash it is a simple procedure to reinstall Steam without having to reinstall all your games, if like me and have about 80GB of games that going to save a hell of a lot of time.

Also if any game file because corrupted them by verifying the game files any problems will be corrected.

Steam also does a lot of bargains, weekend deals etc so an opportunity to play some of the games you might not necessarily buy.

On the con side you can also buy the physical disk, for a game, but which need extra game files to actually play the game, which will mean you cannot easily sell on the game without, probably going against the Steam rules and regulations.

The biggest drawback, no matter how fast your connection, downloading from Steam is slow.

But all in all Its a very good system for playing online, no set up to speak of, keeping your games up to date, no more patching and getting your hands on some good deals.

  donki 11:45 14 Dec 2010

If you are buying a game on the day of release be prepared for a slow download, very slow! Some time the steam system is down which means you cant access your games. Apart from that its good, all your games can be quickly launched from the control panel and you can keep a friends list. It has an anti cheating system also but on COD it doesnt seem to be very good.

  citadel 17:02 14 Dec 2010

I like to but the game on disc, often steam is not the cheapest even though its a download. plus if the game requires steam to work you can install form disc then steam updates it with patches. this is a lot faster. once it is installed you just click on the steam icon and pick which game you want to play, no need to have the disc in the drawer.

  ordep 11:26 06 Jan 2011

I had to uninstall all my Steam stuff, as it would only recognize 'C' drive,
And its the devils own job to move it to another drive, were there's more room.

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