Steam error 118, firewalls and proxys servers

  Shiny61 23:59 07 Jun 2018

So to put things into perspective, I have an ASUS SonicMaster laptop, I have had it since Christmas of 2015. Whilst sometimes slow, I have never had any real issues I couldn’t deal with. I have had steam installed on the laptop for over 2 years also. However, recently, I have been unable to access certain webpages,whilst google and eBay are ok, twitch, steam pages or certain forums I am greeted with a message saying the webpage took too long to respond and I should check proxy and firewalls, ERRCONNECTIONTIMED_OUT. What confuses me is that I am also unable to access these sites on my iPhone or tablet, which I cannot see a cooralation between. I have also got a message on steam saying ‘error 118’ which has appeared at the same time. This is preventing me from playing certain, but not all steam games I have. I was in the process of downloading a game when the download was closed, and that is the only notable thing I can think of which could have impacted, yet I cannot see how it would prevent me from using an app like twitch on my phone. I have tried vigorously over the last several days to sort out the problem, but as I am not as tech savvy as I would like to be, I am afraid to alter something I shouldn’t which could potentially break my laptop. If anyone has encountered a similar problem or understands and could potentially explain to me what has gone wrong I would greatly appreciate it.

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