SSD change for online gaming

  POP 20:27 21 Sep 2012

Hi, I use my computer mainly for online gaming. I have a Gigabyte EX58-UD3R Motherboard, i7 920 CPU running at 3.4GHz, water cooled. AMD Radeon 6850 Video Card, 6GB G-Skill F3.16000CL9T-6GBT. DDR3-2000 PC-1600, Ram. 3 7200 SATA Discs. Windows 7 Professional OS. Would replacing the OS disc with an SSD give me any advantage in the game over the speed that I am already getting? As far as I am aware the motherboard will not properly use the speed of the Ram that I have fitted. Would upgrading to the Gigabyte “G1-Guerrilla (rev.1)” board give me a speed increase? Thanks.

  Forum Editor 21:16 21 Sep 2012

I think you may do better with this thread in our games forum, so I'ved moved it over there now.

  Kevscar1 04:46 22 Sep 2012

it's not the speed of your computer but the speed of your internet connection that matters, changed to infinity 2 last week, my ping always used to be between 200 - 300 ms now down to 22.

  POP 09:32 22 Sep 2012

Hi Kevscar1, I know that the main reason for speed while playing online is the ping, but without changing my ISP, (I am looking at various reviews on ISPs as my contract has just ended) I just want to know if changing too an SSD or a better MoBo would speed up my game. Cheers for your' input. Pop

  KRONOS the First 10:12 22 Sep 2012

The 1366 socket is being phased out so I think spending the sort of cash you will need to buy the Gigabyte “G1-Guerrilla would in my opinion be a mistake. Perhaps you should be looking at moving to socket 2011 or 1155 and perhaps upgrade your GPU, nothing particularly wrong with the 6850 but there are a lot better out there.

I believe an SSD will help in game loading times but I am not sure if it will speed up game play as I have not done any research on the matter.

I do have an SSD but all my games including my Steam installation are on a 1TB HHD and with my GTX670 run at ultra settings.

  Kevscar1 11:21 28 Sep 2012

done an experiment last 2 days ran big video conversions while going online to play. Plenty of missing graphics, invisble NPC,s quite fun figthing invisible enemies but no slowdown in movement or fighting speed so don't think changing CPU or graphics card will have any effect on your connection

  nickf 23:48 10 Nov 2012

SSD will not speed up your gaming . It will load quicker , thats all . But still worth getting , I have a vertex 3 240Gb , and my PC boots in 30 seconds !

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